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O'Reilly and Dick Morris pretty much write off Hillary Clinton

Reported by Chrish - February 14, 2008 -

Although Morris said it ain't over 'til it's over, he and Bill O'Reilly both talked about her candidacy in the past tense, with Morris detailing what he thought were her two biggest errors. In his Talking Points Memo last night 2/13/08, O'Reilly advised Obama and McCain on what to do going forward and pointedly left Clinton out of it.
With video.

O'Reilly's TPM essentially advised Obama to quit with the hope, hope, hope, hope, hope already - we get it! But hope won't wipe out the Taliban or pay for a trillion-dollar healthcare plan. And McCain should get specific: don't just tell people that Obama is inexperienced, everybody knows that! Instead, explain why your problem solving abilities are stronger than Obama's. Pick a few "vexing" issues (immigration and Iran, specifically) and tell folks how you'll solve them. Get real, replace the rhetoric with real solutions.

It's one thing to talk about McCain as the Republican presumptive candidate with a more than 3:1 lead over Mike Huckabee , but quite another to dismiss Hillary Clinton at this point. While Obama has momentum and a slight lead (25 delegates, , for O'Reilly to be calling it, essentially, for Obama is not just spin, it's fortunetelling.

When Morris joined him moments later, after pimping his website (which is apparently written into his contract or something - he is never introduced without the spiel), O'Reilly acknowledged ignoring Clinton, saying she is up against destiny and Obama is just about unstoppable. What was her biggest mistake, asked O'Reilly. Morris had two.

First, she ran on experience in a Democratic primary, and "those folks are revolutionaries" who want change. Then, as if to reinforce this, she took money from lobbyists and special interestes, when Obama ran the cleanest findraising, funded by small on-line donors.

But, asked O'Reilly, don't Democrats want to go back and relive the 1990s? No, said Morris, they liked them better than the 80s or 2000s, but at the time they weren't that enamored of Bill Clinton. (Sorry, his approval ratings say otherwise.) Morris then went on to take credit for moving Clinton to the center, with welfare reform, balancing budget, and reducing capital gains taxes, the "left wing" wasn't happy at all. Instead of experience the base sees status quo.

O'Reilly turned his attention to Obama - how much longer can he keep hitting the same hope drum? Until May, said Morris, when he has the nomination sewn up. The country will be euphoric at the Democrats nominating an African-American. He went on to predict the remaining primaries and caucuses, not good for the hated Hillary.

He predicts that Republicans in Texas are going to concede the nomination to McCain and switch parties temporarily to vote against Hillary in the primary there. (If they hadn't thought of it yet, he's now planted the seed in a lot of minds.) Why would they do that, asked O'Reilly, if Obama is the tougher stronger candidate? Because they feel, as does Dick, that she is a uniquely bad person to be president. Or, in his words, they "don't want a Democratic Nixon."

Oddly, Morris doesn't count Huckabee out even though mathematically he cannot get the nomination - but his presence is influencing McCain, pushing him to the right. It's apparently effective: McCain flip-flopped today and voted to allow waterboarding.

When Dick Morris is your sole guest and the topic is Clinton, any Clinton, fair and balanced is right out the window.