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Neil Cavuto Elevates Mike Huckabee to Favored Candidate Status

Reported by Melanie - February 14, 2008 -

Mike Huckabee was on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (February 14, 2008) for the second time in eight days. Last week he appeared, by telephone as he did today, ostensibly to talk about the tornadoes that ripped through the southeast but he and Cavuto talked politics too.

Today, Cavuto teased his pending appearance several times as he was going to be on with "reaction" to Mitt Romney's endorsement of John McCain. And sure enough, at 4:44 p.m. ET Cavuto introduced Huckabee with, "How does this affect one Mike Huckabee?"

For the next ten minutes -- ten minutes is a long time in TV land -- Cavuto let Huckabee speak, without interruption though, of course he asked questions. Folks, I said Cavuto let Huckabee speak, without interruption. You know Cavuto, Mr. Interviewer Interruptus, wants an interviewee's message to get out if he doesn't interrupt. (On the flip side, you know when he wants to mute someone's message, as in the day he interrupted Paul O'Neill 24 times during a much shorter interview.)

Anyway, Huckabee said a lot. He said, "There is a me-too crowd going on right now and I just happen to be the leader of the not-me crowd."

He said getting the required 1191 delegates will be "challenging," but if Republicans "get to the place where we don't really want to have elections anymore, let's just let a back room of folks get together and fill it full of smokey cigars and pick a person and let it be." But, "if we're going to really have an election...then let's give people a choice."

Huckabee said, "Right now, if I walk off the stage," people who voted for me are "essentially being told thank you, don't even need to hear from you, we've made the decision without you."

He said, "When someone gets to 1191 delegates...I've got to accept the verdict" but "until then, I want to continue to give voters in these states an opportunity to say there are some issues that are very important...like the human life amendment, lower taxes" and "getting rid of the IRS."

He then went on to talk about some of the things Romney did that he doesn't like, like spending "an enormous amount of money" to "misrepresent" his record and he talked about his accomplishments in Arkansas before concluding with the hope that there won't be a "coronation" in the Republican party.

Comment: Cavuto gives Huckabee a podium to make a stump speech twice in eight days. Romney was on a few times but I can't remember the last time McCain was on. Six months ago? In the meantime, Cavuto has aired countless negative segments about him. As for Clinton and Obama, I don't think they've ever been on. Cavuto isn't just a Republican. He comes from the radical wing. He's out there.