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FOX News Goes To Bat For Ed Rendell, Another White Man In Trouble For Racial Insensitivity

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2008 -

Would FOX News go to bat for Hillary-supporting Ed Rendell had he not gotten in hot water for racial insensitivity? I think not. The proof of the network's sympathies lay in their decision to have one guest, African American talk show host Larry Elder, author of the book, “Stupid Black Men” to discuss Rendell on last night's (2/13/08) Hannity & Colmes. Elder declared that white racism is now a non-issue in United States politics. Predictably, he also used the Rendell story as a vehicle to attack African Americans and Democrats. With video.

Governor Rendell of Pennsyvania caused a stir recently by saying that some conservative whites in his state "are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate." Rendell went on to claim that his margin of victory over African American Republican Lynn Swann in 2006 would have been smaller had Swann been white. The "We Report, You Decide" network didn't think it worthwhile to include a guest who might have been offended by such comments.

After noting that there are people who won’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and Rudy Giuliani because he’s Catholic, Elder told Alan Colmes, “Of course there are people who won’t vote for Barack Obama because he’s black. And there are people who will vote for him BECAUSE he’s black. The point is, is white racism a major problem in America any more? Will white racism stop an otherwise good candidate from becoming a governor of Pennsylvania or president of the United States? The answer is no.”

Elder later told Colmes, “White racism is no longer a major problem in America any more but there are a lot of people, including many members of your Party who want blacks to think racism…”

Colmes objected to say, “It’s not about the Democratic Party.”

Just then, white supremacist sympathizer Sean Hannity interrupted to further the race-card playing against Democrats, this time by dragging out his old chestnuts such as Senator Byrd’s long ago renounced membership in the KKK. Then, having satisfied himself, no doubt, that attacking Democrats for playing the race card was proof of his own racial sensitivity, Hannity began singing the praises of Elder’s book.

Hannity spoke in his awe-struck voice as he declared that he thought the book “transcends race.” He continued, “What you’re saying is ‘You live in the greatest country in the world. We’ve had problems. Take responsibility for your life. It’s a very positive message.”

Never mind the title, of course. But maybe that IS a positive message for Hannity. He immediately began reading the chapter titles he thought were so positive and important: Democrats, Stupid Blacks and Republicans; Stupid Black Leaders; Stupid Black Politicians; Stupid Black Entertainers.”

Still touting his own “positive message,” Elder proceeded to blame African Americans for being poor. “If you work hard, invest in yourself, get an education, don’t make bad moral mistakes. Don’t have a kid before the age of 20… You will not be poor.”

Elder continued by taking another “positive” swipe at Democrats. “There are a lot of people… members of (Colmes’) Party who have constantly trotted out the race card. I mean, my God!”

To his credit, Colmes interrupted and demanded time to respond. “This is the third time you’ve said this,” he began. He noted that “those Southern Democrats became Republicans because they couldn’t abide by the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act.”

Unfortunately, there was nobody to speak on behalf of “stupid blacks.”