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Doocy Says Barack Sends Email Stating "Hillary Is In My Dust"

Reported by Donna - February 14, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they concentrated on the steroid issue and the congressional hearings about Roger Clemens. Of course nothing was decided, they just testified and Kilmeade said how riveting it was.

But Fox and Friends did say that Barack says that Hillary can just give it up, they have enough votes to win.

Doocy said, "about 24 hours ago Barack Obama sent out an email from his campaign that said it's over!" Doocy continued and said that Barack said that "Hillary Clinton can't catch me because I have had a string of wins I am red hot and delegate wise she is in my dust."

(Comment: First of all I can't see Barack sending out an email saying 'she is in my dust', but Doocy said so)

Carlson said that Barack may have forgotten about the Super Delegates. 796 of them and they could be the ones who decide this election. She added that it stilll could go her way. Kilmeade said that 45% of the super delegates are undecided. He added that even James Carville said she needed to win Ohio and Texas and others had said she needs a new message.

Kilmeade said Barack Obama is on a roll and Hillary Clinton had no message since Super Tuesday.

Doocy said her spokesperson said it was essentially tied and the 796 super delegates will
decide who the nominee will be.

Gretchen Carlson said it should be campaigning insiders and could this fracture the Democratic Party? (Comment: They often talk abouit the Democratic Party being fractured) She went on tosay "What about Florida and Michigan because those delegates don't count because the DNC said they put their primaries too early. She said that Hillary wants those delegates, especially Florida because there were so many.

Kilmeade said that Julian Bond from the NAACP said it was' unconstitutional to those voters. Then Al Sharpton said he would march on Washington if that happened.

Then they talked about dirty politics and this might be the time to reveal it. (Cancel: Wouldn't Fox and Friends love that?)

Kilmeade said that in Ohio Hillary was up 56% to 38% and in Texas Hillary 48% to 38% and in Pennsylvania it's Hilary big 40% to 20%.

Kilmeade said she had given up campaigning in some states. He asked why she did that and why wasn't she in Wyoming, she was only 4 points under Barack Obama?

Then Doocy said to stay here on Fox where you get the "best political news."

Comment: I don't know about the best political news, but certainly the news that looks for the dirtiest politics out there.