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Lt. Col David Hunt Weighs In On Berkeley/Marine Issue, Calls Code Pink Asses and Boulder Co, full of Nuttiness

Reported by Donna - February 13, 2008 -

On Fox and Friends this morning Alyson Camerota said that, "at first the City Council of the city of Berkeley, Califormia told U.S. Marines they were unwelcome in their town telling them quote uninvited and unwelcome intruders end quote, and they wanted to give our troops the boost. But now it's those..uh..the City Council appears to be backpeddling because of a countrywide outrage"

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Camerota continued that the sides were drawn and it looked like the home of former hippies may have collected egg on it's face.

She then introduced gung ho, let's go to war, Lt.Col Daivd Hunt to join her. Camerota said she could see Hunts lips were pursed already because last month Berkeley wanted them to get out and the city wanted to send them a letter becuase there were all these "intruders".

Camerota continued that protestors came in to protest the Berkely protesters and now the City Council is saying they're still unwelcome but they're not going to send them that letter. She mentioned that Code Pink was one of them and asked Hunt if he was satisfied with that outcome?.

Hunt ssid",Absolutel not." And he went on to descrobe various things going on around the country, like Toledo banning a training center for the Marines and Boulder, Colorado "another center for nuttiness", wanted to impeach the President and Vice President and now we had Berkeley.

Hunt said the cost of freedom is that we need good Marines out their so that "that code pink and the rest of these asses out there" can protest. He said people that we are fighting would not allow these protests, let alone breath. Camerota said, "Of course."

Camerota siad that auguably Berkeley, California was one of the most liberal cities why would the Marienes want to recruit their anyways? Hunt said that they can go anywhere they want, they should be able to go anywhere they want to get the biggest and the best, not just low income places. We have to go get them and Berkeley was one of those places. He said you can protest wherever you want but we need the biggest and the brightest. Hunt went on to say his usual, "We're at war."

Camarota said you think people would have learned that from Vietnam.

Comment: Lt Col Hunt is always good for a few laughs but to call people asses because they are using their right to protest is going to far. And calling Boulder, Colardo an area of "nuttiness" was uncalled for.

You also notice there are no Berkeley City Council members to live up to their fair and balanced motto?

We know Hunt is not politically correct, but perhaps this time he went to far?