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Still Talking About Hillary On Fox, Also Talking About Who Would Make A Good VP For John McCain

Reported by Donna - February 12, 2008 -

The story remains the same on Studio B - putting Hillary down, but not as badly as it usually does, and it seems they have somewhat accomplished that or is Barack Obama so charismatic a candidate that he's going to win the campaign and the presidency?

Smith had some of his usual crew on, Patricia Murphy from CitizenJanePolitics, the woman from the center. Jehmu Greene, the Democratic strategist and John Avlon. who used to be Giuliani's speechwriter.

Greene said they don't have any dirty laundry to put on Hillary, if it hasn't come out in 16 years, you're not going to see it.

Murphy said she doesn't see President Bill Clinton's problem being any problem for Hillary.

Of course the Repiblican representative siad that Bill Clinton could be a distraction for her.

Smith then asked them if John McCain wins, who would be a good running mate for him. Jehmu Greene said she could see, Governor Perry from Texas and Elizabeth Dole. She thought Dole would be good for the Republicans since the Democrats are already making history either way, they either have a woman or an African American man who will win the campaign.

Patricia Murphy said she thought Governor of Mississippi might be good and she also mentioned Kay Bailey Hutchinson because she agreed with Greene that the Democrats are making history and the Republicans might need something besides two white men running to compete.

John Avlon said he though Huckabee or Giuliani would make a good VP. He also mentioned Colin Powell.

Comment: Fox seems to be backing off Hillary a little, but not quite, as Obama begins his surge. Perhaps they think that John McCain's experience would beat Obama at his age and many more years of experience? What say you?