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Shuster "far left ideologue, fits in perfectly at NBC News"

Reported by Chrish - February 12, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly has finally had his eyes opened that the mainstream media, the so-called liberal media, are not unfailingly flattering to Democrats. The Shuster comment about Chelsea Clinton prompted him to say tonight 2/11/08 that "the left is now attacking the left." But if he had ever actually read MediaMatters instead of just smearing them, he would have known that there is a long, wide trail of misinformation and negativity directed at the Clintons, originating in the mythical liberal press.

After pronouncing that Clinton needs to win Texas and Ohio to get enough delegates to beat Obama for the nomination, O'Reilly said Obama has one thing going for him: Obama. By that I gathered he meant his charisma and the energy he inspires. Clinton, on the other hand, has two things working against her: her "controversial image" (cultivated by years and years of smears by the right-wing hate machine, he failed to note) and the "left-wing" media which has decided to back Obama. As I said, he's late to that particular party - the media, led by FOX on television, has been bent on destroying her for over a decade.

It's tough enough to run a campaign, he sympathized, but when a news organization (he says NBC, I say FOX) is openly helping your competitior (he says Obama, I say any given Republican), that is really tough!

He ran the pertinent clips of Shuster's rude comments, noting he was suspended for them, and then projected: "...(Shuster) shouldn't be working in the news business period. He is a farleft ideologue. However he fits in perfectly with the crew at NBC News."

You say Shuster/farleft/NBC, I say O'Reilly/farright/FOX. O'Reilly says Clinton shouldn't be surprised - NBC has been using smear tactics for a long time - only now they've turned on the left.

Again, MediaMatters has anti-Clinton smears on MSNBC going back to 2004 - and they only go back that far because MM only goes back that far.

Bill O'Reilly is the official FOX News character assassin; when he's not attacking personalities (Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Mark Cuban, judges, teachers, council members, etc etc) he's attacking his presumed colleagues and his corporate competitors. No wonder they call it a "bully pulpit."