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Hannity and Novak Use MSNBC’s “Pimped Out” Flap To Attack Clintons Further

Reported by Ellen - February 12, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes devoted an entire segment last night (2/11/08) to the flap over David Shuster’s comment on MSNBC that Chelsea Clinton is being “pimped out” by her mother’s campaign. But it wasn’t long before columnist Robert Novak used the discussion to accuse Clinton of “being a candidate first, a mother second.” Sean Hannity wasted no time using it as an excuse to dredge up the old Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones scandals. With video.

It was another lopsided panel of two Republicans to one Democrat discussing Clinton on the “fair and balanced” network. In addition to Novak, Republican Michael Steele and Democrat Michael Brown were the guests. Dick Morris must have had the night off.

Alan Colmes noted that the Clintons have accused NBC of “a pattern of outlandish behavior” but that was given scant attention in the discussion which quickly turned into a Clinton-bashing session.

Novak said, “I think this is the old Clinton style of claiming they’re abused when the president’s sexual promiscuity was revealed, the attack was that ‘Oh, they’re picking on us.’ And a mother wanting to bring this up again about her daughter, I wonder about that, if that isn’t part of the thing that has offended a lot of voters about Mrs. Clinton.”

Colmes said he thought that firing Shuster was “A little over the top… but do you blame a mother for standing up on behalf of her daughter?”

Does Novak have a heart? I’m not sure. This is the same guy who said that his only regret about outing Valerie Plame was the trouble it had caused HIM. This time, Novak accused Clinton of putting her candidacy ahead of her daughter. He said, “I think she’s a candidate first and a mother second. I think she thinks this helps her. Her candidate isn’t going well. I think if she was a mother first, she would not keep bringing this up and embarrassing her daughter."

Michael Brown, the lone Democratic guest, was once again nice, likeable and largely disappointing. Brown is a regular guest on Hannity & Colmes where Hillary-bashing is on the menu nightly. Yet he hilariously overlooked it while saying, “There is a pattern in (MSNBC) relative to who they’re favoring.” But that was all he had to say about MSNBC or any of the media’s attacks on Clinton, even the one going on right under his nose just then.

Hannity started his portion of the discussion by emphasizing that he thought Shuster's remark was objectionable and that children of candidates should be left alone. That must have exhausted all of Hannity’s magnanimity. In the next sentence, he deliberately used the situation to attack the Clintons further. In his Hanctimonious voice, Hannity began, “Monica Lewinsky had parents, too. She was 21 at the time. Paula Jones had parents, too. She was 25 at the time. Is it fair to bring up those comments in light of these new developments?”

Novak thought it was, of course.

Brown had very little to say about it other than “What does that have to do with the campaign?” and to accuse Hannity of “revisionist history.”