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Huckabee Outrage - Does What Come Around Go Around?

Reported by Donna - February 11, 2008 -

Kilmeade started the segemt on Fox and Friends today saying that the Republican Presidential Campaign was doing well.with big wins.

Camerota asked,. "Then whose bounce should help then in the big race tomorrow in Virginia?" Camerota thanked Huckabee for appearing on their show and congratulated him for winning in Louisiana and Kansas and they know that he is contesting the third one that was in Washington State and how was that going this morning?

The banner read 'Huck Hangs Tough' Looks to VA, MD for Tuesday'

Huckabee said that" it's been a good weekend for us, we won two outright and we're not sure who won the third one because the Party Chairman at 87% of the vote just decided, I think I'll just call it for John McCain', and quit counting votes." He went on to say that he had never heard of something so outrageous (Comment: Never?) Huckabee went on to compare it to the Super Bowl with 2 minutes left and the Refs saying that the Giants can't possibly beat the Patiots so let's quit now.and let the parties begin. Camerota said, "I wish they had." (Comment: Is Camerota making an endorsement? Or did she want the Pats to win?))
Comment: He's never heard of this?!! Does he recall the stopping of the votes in Florida (when the people of Florida and the Supreme Court of Florida) wanted to contiinue counting the votes?. I'm sorry, I laughed so hard at that one>)

Kilmeade said with McCain being 200 votes ahead and with 85% of the votes counted they decided to end that contest.

Huckabee said they have lawyers who flew in last night, that they would be there today. He said there was a multitude of irregularities, dozens of people locked in,, some people were told they were not giving out ballots, they were told they were working off the registration sheets.

Huckabee continued that he wanted a full accounting. He said that the Party Chairman is a supporter of McCains, the fact that he called the election early, and didn't even count all the votes. He said that it didn't even matter if they lost by 6000 votes, the results don't matter, He said every person has a right for their vote to be counted. (Comment: This is what we said in 2000.in Florida, it didn't matter to the Republicans then) He continued,"It is the number one principle of an American election." He added that when you have the Party Chairman stepping in and saying, 'you know, we think we know how this is going to turn out so why even bother?' He said that this was something you expected out of the old Soviet Union, you don't expect it out of an American election and the Republican Party simply won't tolerate it. (Comment: Boy, they sure didn't care in 2000 when it favored them!)

Camerota asked what Huckabee needed to win this election. He said they needed an enormous amount of votes and if they both end up with the same amounts of votes then it goes to the convention. He said at the convention all bets are off and people have a choice.

He said they have a lot of big states still out there and he was simply outraged that people say that you have to put the reign on John McCain.

Comments: Wow, someone is ticked of this morning. Huckabee has already called in the lawyers. What really gets me is the outrage and anger about one primary state? The Republicans just turned their heads and laughed when Al Gore won the presidency by 1/2 million votes and wanted a full accounting of Florida's votes.

Aside from this I wanted to maike sure of my accouting of Hillary getting bashed on today's Fox and Friends. There were several.as usual but I can't do a story on Fox abd Friends everyday? Or can I? No, let's just watch the Republicans eat their own.