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A Kennedy defends Hillary Clinton on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - February 11, 2008 -

First Naomi Wolf ruffled Shepard Smith; today 2/11/08 Kathleen Kennedy Townsend tweaked John Gibson on the Big Story. After he "asked" her (illustrated by one of his notorious graphics) if we are witnessing the "fall of the House of Clinton?" she laughed and made a comment about FOX News.
With video.

Townsend, a Clinton supporter, was saying that Hillary Clinton needs to familiarize voters with specifics of her hopes and plans to get Texans and Ohioans to vote for her when Gibson introduced the graphic and gloomy scenario, insinuating that Bill Clinton is a negative factor. Townsend responded with a laugh that said "typical FOX," and said nearly as much, putting Gibson on the defensive. Within his defense he stated that Barack Obama has a lot of momentum behind him, but there's been a lot said, even among Democrats, not people here at FOX but among Democrats, that Bill CLinton is an impediment to voting for Hillary.

Townsend replied that they made several stops yesterday and people were excited to see him, and there is "enormous affection" for him and his presidency. But, this election is about Hillary and her ideas and plans anyway.

The use of the Cavuto-mark did not disguise the fact that Clinton was being judged, negatively, evidenced by Townsend's need to defend.