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Time To Go After Hillary Again On Fox - She's Broke

Reported by Donna - February 7, 2008 -

Everry day I watch Fox and Friends it seems they never fail to attack Hillary Clinton. Now the latest thing is that Hillary's campaign was broke and had to borrow 5 million dollars of her own money (which she raised back in two days and paid it back)

What about the Republican candidates money issues? Very little is said about them.

Fox and Friends spent 4 segments in the 6 to 8 am est time period on Hillary writing herself a 5 million dollar check and barely mentioned the Republicans.

In fact, this was one of the top stories on Fox. In the first segment Camerota said that Hillary was in a cash crunch while Doocy held up the front page of the New York Post (Comment: Also owned by the same parent company) that said, 'No Wonder She Cried... Hill's $5M Loan.'

The banner read 'Clinton's Cash Crunch, Taps Into Her Own Funds; Camerota added, "And who is taking a pay cut over all of this?"

Then they had a second segment where Kilmeade said, "Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe were perhaps two of the best fund raisers in the past 50 years." Kilmeade went on and talked about Hillary's cash crunch and how she wrote herself a 5 million dollar check. Camerota said, "It must be nice tp write yourself a 5 milliond dollar check." (Yes, there was laughter and sarcasm from Camerota) Kilmeade said, "But this is scary."Comment: What is Kilmeade talking about? Hasn't Romney already used about 40 million of his own money to finance his campaign?)

Camerota wanted to know, "What went wrong?" (Comment: Like Hillary was really in dire straights) Doocy said it might be a case of stategery. (Yes, that's how he said it) He said Obama raised so much money in January and she spoke about how Hillary had to write herself a 5 milliion dollar check and some staff members had to go without getting paid. (Comment: no backup on this) He said this after she said that within two days the money was paid back by donations from the internet.(Comment: I don't know how unpaid you can be when everything was paid back in 2 days and she put in the money to cover her expensesnbefore this). I think this might be another case of "Some people say."

Kilmeade said if someone can go through 100 million dollars "is this the person we want running our economy?" (Comment: Does he realize how much Bush spends?) Camerota said Hillary's top campaign manager has decided to go without a salary and that's a statement, too. (Comment: Maybe Hillary's top campaign manager has more money than she knows what to do with)

So Doocy said Barack Obama told his followers he needed to make up that 5 million, too and he raised iton the internet (Comment: They say internet like it's some kind of evil thing). So, Doocy wanted to know if it was a "strategy or are they really cash straped? (Comment: Doocy said they after Obama just raised 30 million dollars last month!)

They had two more segments after these two to talk about Hillary's cash crunch. The two were both all about Hillary with a little touch of John McCain needing a little money in 2000. But nothing to compare to how they were going on and on about Hillary.

(Comment: The three stooges (Comment: Just kidding, that would be a compliment) are getting their news from the exploitive New York Post. This story isn't such a big deal. Candidates lend themselves money for their campaigns all the time. The story is true, Hillary is the one to break it. The point is why didn't they say anything about Romney spending his own money? Why didn't they talk about the financial status of the Republican candidates?

Fox - unfair and unbalanced.