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Oliver North On Waterboarding

Reported by Donna - February 7, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends, the crew spoke with Oliver North about new tactics the Islamo-fascists (I think that's what they're calling them this week) in battle. He said they were using womem. children and disabled people as human bombs, strapping a bomb on them and putting them into crowded places. (Comment: This is new? Hasn't this been being done for a while?)

Meanwhile, right at the end of the interview, Kilmeade asked North if he was for waterboarding.

North immediately said he "didn't believe in torture." (Comment: Notice he didn't answer the question)

Then North went on about when he was being trained they all went through waterboarding. And Kilmeade said that North seemed fine to him. (Comment: In other words, you went through waterboarding and you're ok, you managed to sell illegal weapons and be indicted on federal charges) That last part was mine, Kilmeade was saying it's not a big deal to waterboard.

Comment: North avoids the question, just like the whole Bush administration. Well, I have news for them. When the next Democratic President is in office, waterboarding will be defined as torture and it will not be tolerated)