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Fox Begins to Warm to John McCain

Reported by Melanie - February 7, 2008 -

(UPDATE: Maybe not. See above.)

Based on what Neil Cavuto did in the run up to the 2004 presidential election, it's safe to say that he will air dozens and dozens of segments between now and November about how Wall Street is terrified that a Democrat will win the White House. He essentially laid the ground work for that today (February 7, 2008) during a segment about how Wall Street would feel about a John McCain presidency.

Cavuto's guests were Victoria Barrett of Forbes and Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine. The question on the table was, "Mitt Romney's Exit From Race: What it Means for Stocks."

Barrett said,

I think McCain is going to warm up to Wall Street and vice versa. He's great on free trade. He's great on cutting the pork. Taxes, he's got a mixed record, but he's a good candidate for us.

(Comment: "Us," apparently meaning everyone at Fox.)

Lashinksy expressed some doubts but concluded with,

The great thing about Wall Street is they'll adapt. They survived and thrived during the eight years of a Bill Clinton administration. They'll invest in whoever will benefit from that type of regulation [mining, pharmaceutical]. It won't be the end of the world.

Comment: I wanted to put this on the record, so to speak, as I expect to link to it early and often. As the months pass, whoever emerges as the Democratic candidate will be portrayed as someone who will destroy life as we know it. On the other hand, Wall Street will not only "adapt" to John McCain, he'll be walking on water.