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O'Reilly predicts "revolution" and rioting if super-delegates give nod to Clinton

Reported by Chrish - February 6, 2008 -

America's number one cable news program (complete with recitation of recent ratings statistics) was informative tonight 2/6/08, if you care about Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, Dennis Miller's pedantry, Dick Morris' nightly Hillary-bash, or right-wing policing of the Internet. Juan Williams did take O'Reilly to task over his completely wrong assertions about super-delegates, over Tanya Ackers loud defense of the inaccuracies.
With video.

Williams started the segment complaining about today's media analysis of the Democratic primaries and caucuses, saying (in essence) Obama did not warrant the "big win" tone of coverage and Clinton was not getting the praise she deserved for prevailing in MA and CA despite Obama's endorsements from Kennedys, Maria Shriver, and Oprah. He blamed the press with mixed metaphors, saying the referee cannot put his finger on the scales in favor of the team he wants to win...but you get his drift.

Williams agreed that Obama will probably have a "run" in upcoming smaller states, MD, LA, WI, and VA, but the big delegate counts will come from TX and OH and PA. Then he corrected O'Reillyregarding the candidates super-delegate commitments, saying Clinton is leading about 2:1 there. (Superdelegates make up about 20% of the Democratic numbers.)

O'Reilly wanted everyone to understand this very important point, that if Obama goes to the convention in August with more delegates than Clinton and the super-delegates put HER over the top, "there's going to be a revolution there. They're going to tear that arena down. That'll destroy the Democratic Party because "the folks" will say 'the fix was in.'" Note that Republicans upset with McCain's momentum have not been portrayed as violent.

Ackers enthusiastically agreed and went further, saying the superdelegates committed to Clinton are not going to stay with that commitment if Obama's in the lead. They can't, said O'Reilly, they cannot. It would be a racial story, and a corruption story. (What corruption? NOW he sees corruption? Hmm, what's changed?) He continued to say if Obama goes into the convention with more than her, even if he doesn't have the 2025 needed, he wins.

Williams promptly corrected him, saying that the super-delegates have the ability to make a choice, and O'Reilly amended: "I'm talking psychologically."

He and O'Reilly wound up in agreement that the press is behind Obama and Ackers defended the candidate and the campaign.