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Fox Reporter Asks Student At College Damaged By Tornado If It Was Divine Intervention?

Reported by Donna - February 6, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they spoke to a student at Union University that got hit by a tornado. A student being interviewed said they had plenty of notice and went into the bathrooms and prayed.. (Jonathan Serrie covered the story} and asked her '"if this was a Divine Intervention that saved lives last night?" And the student said, "Oh definitely, God was in everything."

Jonathan Serrie repeated the divine intervention at the end of the segment but they had another segment later on where he repeated that student(s) were saying this was divine intervention.

I guess the early warning system and getting into the bathrooms for protection didn't really help. Where was the Divine Intervention for the several dozens who were killed?

No college kids were killed. Doocy said twice that it was a miracle.
Serrie came on a third time to talk about divine intervention.

Comments: The whole story made me think, where was divine intervention for the several dozens who were killed? And why was the reporter asking about Dvine Intervetion?

Miracles abound on Fox.