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Did Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter & Sean Hannity Get Together To Decide To Endose Romney? Feculence Prevails.

Reported by Donna - February 6, 2008 -

Remember all the talk we heard about how Rush Limbaugh couldn't stand John McCain and how Ann Coulter would vote for Hillary if McCain won (then changed her mind) and Sean Hannity was a clear McCain hater. They all thought he wasn't a true conservative.

Well, I wake up this morning to hear the Fox and Friends crew say that Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity came out with endorsements for Mitt Romney.

Even Karl Rove was on Fox and Friends saying that Rush's endorsement had worked, Mitt had won in Limbaugh's small hometown in Missouri. They all laughed and Rove said, no, he helped more than that. Mike Huckabee came out and said the radio pundits had come out heavy and hard agaist him and that was no surprise.

Comment: Yeah, right. This stinks to high heaven. The Fox and Friends crew never said when these endorsements came through though this doesn't matter. Were they after the big lead that John McCain received yesterday or like Brian Kilmeade said, "Not much of a surprise and by far the leader." (Of McCain) So, even if it was before McCains big wins it was apparent that Rush, Hannity and Coulter's plan had failed.

Camerota alluded to maybe some secret deal went on but didn't explain any further. Rove and the Fox and Friends crew said they did hope that John McCain wasn't responsible for Bob Dole writing that letter.

And I'd like to know what your feeling are on this?

Plus, I'd like to thank all of you who participated in the Live Chat last night, we had a blast.