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Fox Visitor Makes Fun Of Hillary And Robert Kennedy's Voices

Reported by Donna - February 5, 2008 -

Writer Laurie Kilmartin (23.6.com), they also labeled her a comedian, was on Fox and Friends this mornig to critique presidential ads. They didn't spend much time on a Mitt Romney (or John McCain ad) you couldn't tell whose or what it was about. but gave a thumbs up to Obama's Super Bowl Ad. But when it came to Hillary, the claws came out.

Kilmartin said, "Which I love, pick a candidate with the most irritating voice is being endorsed by by the Kennedy with the most grating voice.

Comment: A day doesn't pass unless you make fun of Hillary Clinton on Fox. What really got me was that Robert Kennedy has a condition(I'm not sure what it's called) that makes his voice sound like that and making fun of someone who is basically disabled when it comes to his voice is not funny. But the Fox and Friends crew all laughed.

But Republicans don't care - remember how they tore after Max Clelland who lost 3 limbs in Vietnam?

Comments: They also had Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on for brief segments. Of course the Republican got the puff questions and they went after Clinton.

I think it's cruel to go after a person who has any kind of disability and of course we can include 'rude' in the Fox dictionary.