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Conservative Radio Host Laura Ingraham Compares Barack Obama To Ronald Reagan

Reported by Donna - February 5, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on to talk about Super Tuesday. Kilmeade asked Ingraham if she was one of the true Republicans giving up John McCain for Lent.

Ingraham said, Yes I am.

Ingraham said he's had an "amazing life" but the time has come to ask which candidate is going to carry that conservative torch forward. She said she thought it was time for Mitt Romney and "a lot of peoplen on '"Fox were wrting his obituary and she thought that was dangerous"

Doocy started talking about the national polls and Ingraham said that "5 weeks ago Rudi Giuliani was going to be the nominee."

Then Doocy talked about her good buddy, (his word) Rush Limbaugh getting Bob Dole to write a letter to McCain and Ingraham said while Dole was a great guy we didn't want to go back to the Ford/Dole times, that was not a successful time. Ingraham said people should have come out earlier against John McCain.

Ingraham was asked who she supported and she said that she wasn't in the business of endorsing people. Carlson said she came out against John McCain and Ingraham said that McCain was ready to bail on the Republican Party in 2001 and was all ready to sign up and run with John Kerry in 2004 and she didn't think that was the idea of conservatism.

Dooc asked Ingraham "if months down the line" McCain was the candidate, would she bail? Ingraham said she wasn't one of these people who would say they were not going to vote. Doocy threw out, "Ann Coulter, Ann Coulter" and Ingraham said that's not what she does. She said, "Hillary and Obama versus McCain, c'mon." (Comment: Apparently she thinks either Democratic candidate can beat McCain)

Kilmeade asked Ingraham what she thought about all the Democrats who thought of Barack Obama over Hillary and Ingraham said, "I think a lot of Democrats think Barack Obama is their Ronald Reagan." She said she really does. She says Obama connects with people, to really give them hope that there is a way to challenge the mainstream. She added, "Ronald Reagan challenged the mainstream from the right" and "Barack Obama is challenging the mainstream from the left."

Ingraham said she's "Never seen anything like Barack Obama, I've never seen anything like him since Ronald Reagan." She went on about the crowds that Barack is getting. But she did say that "anyone who votes against the Clintons does so at their own peril" She added, "when it comes to politics."

Comments: The hard core Republicans really can't stand the thought of McCain as their candidate, because they don't think he can beat Obama or Clinton, he's not conservative enough, or maybe they can't push him around like Bush. If Barack has conservative radio host Laura Ingraham so impressed, imagine the big wave that could happen amongst the Democrats? She actually compared Obama to Reagan!. I think the Republicans are fractured and scared.