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Who Are The Young Voters Voting For & Hillary's Tears

Reported by Donna - February 4, 2008 -

It wouldn't be a day on Fox if Hillary and Democrats were not mentioned in a poor light and this was true again today on Studio B with Shepard Smith.

Smith said that Hillary had lost her lead in both of the polls. (Comment: He showed the Rasmussen Report but I don't know what 2 polls he was talking about)

In the California Primary they had Obama at 45% and Hillary at 44%.

As his guests he had Jessica Colon from the Young Republicans of America and Jane Fleming Kleeb with the Young Voter Pac. and Tricia Murphy with.CitizenJanePolitics.com a non partisan group. Kleeb said that Obama has a lot of clout on the ground with young people in California that have raised a lot of money.

Smth said to Colon that they are bringing "a lot of Young Republicans, or at least young moderates over to the Obama campaign, do you see it that way?" Colon said "yes, she had" recently seen a poll where the Republican supporters were spread pretty evenly across. but that the poll number was 48% and the number of young voters supporting Sen Obama and Sen Clinton was at 49%, "so it was very clear that young voters still align with Republican candidates" and are getting out there to support these Republican candidates. (Comment: Huh?)

Kleeb interrupted and asked incredulosly, "Excuse me, wait,wait, wait, wait, wait. You are saying that young people are voting for Republicans over Democrats? That's not true." Colon said, "No, I'm suggesting Republicans are absolutely attracting young voters." Kleeb came back with, "They're not." Kleeb backed it up by stating that young people are supporting Democrats by a 2 -1 margins at the polls so far, "so there is no way you can say that." At this point Colon became a bit flustered and said she was looking at a one time poll in an article. (Comment: Wow, what credentials, one poll in an article)

Murphy, the non partisan said about California that the polls were closed to Independents. So unless you were registered Democratic or Republican, you could not vote in this California primary.

Smith said that California was supposed to be a big state for Hillary but it's pretty well split. (He explained that the Democrats do their voting differently. It isn't winner gets all, it's divided up by the percentage of the vote in the areas in California) Murphy said that she thought the reason that Barack had come so far in California was because Caroline Kennedy was a big boon as had been Oprah Winfrey.

They then discussed how Obama was getting the attention of not just people under 30 but those under 40, too. They said the reason for this was he had a message of looking forward and was staying away from the issues.

Colon said that Republicans weren't a party of "demographic politics" and Smith said, "You're kidding me, right?" All parties go after demographics.

In a later segment they spoke about the two pictures of Hillary appearing to be yawning in the first and tearing up in the second. First of all it came out that in the first picture she was coughing. Smith said they had a tear before the big shindig in New Hampshire, he said "he's not saying it's not legitimate, I'm saying it was a tear." He went back to the panel.

Murphy, the non partisan said she had seen the video and it wasn't really a welling of tears but people may think since it happened again before a primary they could think it was "contrived."
Colon, the Republican said it looked, "contrived at best." Smith interupted and said no one was saying it was not genuine. Colon said,"I don't want to see the leader of the free world crying on the campaign trail." Murphy said, "Mitt Romney cries all the time." Smith repeated that Romeny cries all the time.

Kleeb said women connect with her (Hillary) and her own mom, who was a lifelong Republcan was going to vote for her.

Smith said he spoke with a lot of women in New Hampshire who said, "Finally, I can connect with her." But, he added you have to wonder about the second time around.

Kleeb got ticked and said, "If this was a guy we wouldn't be hearing this."

Comment: The first part had Colon (the Young Republicans) lying about young voters going to the Republican Party when in fact they were flocking to Barack Obama.

Well, I have news for all of them - President Bush was crying a couple of weeks ago on his mideast tour and we now have Romney crying. Hillary wasn't bawling for goodness sake, a few tears welled up. Sometimes crying is an emotion you cannot control. It doesn't mean you are weak.

But, like I said before, not a day seems to pass on Fox that they don't go after Hillary.