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Outrageous Quote of the Week 2/2/08

Reported by Chrish - February 4, 2008 -

John Gibson won last week's polling in a landslide for his heartless, unconscionable remarks about Heath Ledger hours after the young actor's sudden death:

“Well, he found out how to quit you.”

"He was depressed about yesterday’s downturn in the world stock markets."

"Apparently Heath Ledger was suicidal and his friends saw it coming. I think he watched the Clinton-Obama debate last night. I think he was an Edwards guy, cause he saw his Edwards guy was just completely irrelevant."

For this week's nominees, jump!

Option A: "Media Matters is run by liars and defamers. They are far worse than pinheads." Bill "I don't do personal attacks here, mister" O'Reilly. The Factor, 1/30/08

Option B: “Jane (Fleming Kleeb), you can keep them all. You can have all of them. Because that’s your Party that undermines our troop morale and emboldens our enemies.”
Sean Hannity to Democratic strategist, Hannity and Colmes, 2/1/08

Option C: (John McCain) "lies, he has no honor," and "claims he'll be tough on terrorism but he's very upset that we're dropping water down the noses of terrorists." (Rolls eyes.) Ann Coulter about veteran and former POW McCain, Your World with Neil Cavuto, 2/1/08

Option D: "We saw the Kennedy endorsements of Barack Obama. Can those endorsements somehow work to Hillary's advantage? You know, a lot of Republicans view Ted Kennedy as a cartoon character." Host Greg Kelly to guest Bill Sammon, FOX and Friends 2/1/08

Option E: "On the economic front, Americans without education and discipline are getting hammered, and things will get worse for the underclass. [snip] The high-tech age requires a high degree of skill in something. Gone are the assembly line days when Americans could make a decent leaving just by showing up. Now machines do the mundane work. A person has to be skillful in order to make money." Bill O'Reilly's "State of the Union" TPM, 1/29/08