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O'Reilly urges mistrust of the media - AP and CNN specifically

Reported by Chrish - February 4, 2008 -

During a five-and-a-half minute one-on-one interview with Republican Christian conservative candidate (i mention that only because that is the base to whom he appeals) Mike Huckabee on the Factor tonight 2/4/08, host Bill O'Reilly utilized one of his most cultish (and in my opinion abusive) tactics, telling the candidate to trust no-one but him in the media.

It was an unremarkable interview - Huckabee delivering stump messages and contrasting himself with Romney, and declaring he won't bow out of the race after Super Tuesday even if he performs as he's currently polling, a distant third. (He was the third person I heard being compared to the New York Giants* in about an hour, the others being Obama and Romney.)

Huckabee mentioned that Romney and his surrogates have suggested that he, Huckabee, is draining votes from him and splitting the "conservative" (right-wing) vote; he's heard as much from the Associated Press, CNN, and some other networks. O'Reilly jumped in:

"I don't know if I would believe those people, Governor, with all due respect to you, you're a much smarter guy than I am - don't believe the press, unless you hear it here (points to self with both hands). Unless you hear it from me, don't believe 'em, because these people all have agendas all day long, CNN and AP."

To his credit, Huckabee laughed, although O'Reilly was dead serious.

A bit later, Huckabee complained about the media's influence on the election process and O'Reilly agreed - but of course he meant "them" and not FOX, oh no. He ranted a bit about how favorable the coverage for McCain has been as compared to coverage of Huckabee and Romney, but predicted that if McCain is the nominee, they'll turn on him because

"the media in America wants to elect a Democratic president - 80% of them are actively working to do that. That's a perversion of our Constitution, it should not be happening, but it absolutely is happening, you're right."

So once again O''Reilly separates from "the media." He wants to claim his jounalistic credentials when he goes to harrass Obama, for instance, but also wants to distinguish himself as the only trustworthy source of information.