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Doocy: MoveOn.org "originally started to support Hillary Clinton"

Reported by Chrish - February 4, 2008 -

In a short segment looking at the presidential race, FOX and Friends host Steve Doocy asked questions of Republican strategist Greg Crist and Democratic strategist Liz Chadderdon.

Of note in the superficially "fair and balanced" segment was host Steve Doocy's easily proven falsehood as he asked Chadderdon if Barack Obama would really want the baggage that comes with an endorsement from "farleft" MoveOn.org:

"MoveOn.org ... originally started to support Hillary Clinton."

This furthers the legend, started shortly after YearlyKos, that Hillary Clinton is one of the founders of MoveOn.org. Actually, for those who don't know, MoveOn was formed in response to the gridlock in Washington DC caused by the impeachment of Bill Clinton:

Main article: History of MoveOn.org

MoveOn started in 1998 as an email group, MoveOn.org, created by computer entrepreneurs Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, the married cofounders of Berkeley Systems. They started by passing around a petition asking Congress to "censure President Clinton and move on", as opposed to impeaching him. The petition, passed around by word of mouth, was extremely successful; ultimately, they had half a million signatures.[citation needed] Buoyed by their success, the couple went on to start similar campaigns, including: calling for more arms inspections rather than an invasion of Iraq (see Popular opposition to war on Iraq); the reinstatement of lower limits on arsenic and mercury pollution, and campaign finance reform. Since then, it has raised millions of dollars for many Democratic candidates.[3] In November 2007, a drive spearheaded by MoveOn caused Facebook to change its controversial new "Beacon" program, which notified Facebook users about purchases by people on their friends list.[6]

But it sounds so much better to imply that the group has turned on her, at least to the many Hillary-haters in the FOX audience.