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FOX hosts inject partisanship into interview with Juan Williams

Reported by Chrish - February 1, 2008 -

This morning 2/1/08 on FOX and Friends Steve Doocy and Greg Kelly injected unflattering frames against Juan Williams' rather neutral assessment of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last night. Since the candidates provided nothing that could be spun into fireworks for the political soap opera, FOX hosts are portraying their civility as phony, covering up their alleged dislike of one another - contrary to the candidates' own statements of mutual respect.
With video.

Doocy introduced the segment, calling the debate a "love-in" and playing some mushy song, while
the candidates were shown inside a heart graphic.

Asking Williams to admit that it was very different from last time, Williams agreed (imagine that) it was fisticuffs in SC, hardball, and last night, he said, Obama and Clinton were appealing to new viewers in the 22 states who are going to vote next Tuesday, people who don't follow politics as closely as he and the Friends do. They didn't want to be perceived as hostile and acrimonious, like last week (Doocy coached).

Greg Kelly asked Williams to admit that last night's appearance was "not genuine affection," "they don't like each other, right? That still holds," and noted "interesting body language" on Obama's part: he appeared to be literally looking down his nose at Clinton. Williams pointed out that Obama is taller than Clinton, hence the downcast eyes, and explained that the two know what's at stake here - of course there's rivalry. He said Clinton got the best line off, that it'll take another Clinton to clean up after another Bush, and opined that Clinton benefitted as it was more of a "policy wonk" debate than "fisticuffs."

Doocy began "Last night's debate, if you would call it that," and progresssed to ask if either a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton pairing is the dream ticket? According to Williams, the Clinton campaign is open to the idea but the Obama campaign doesn't want any part of it.

So to recap: if the Democrats are arguing or having a contentious debate, FOX can assume it's genuine and they really don't like each other. If, on the other hand, the debate is relaxed, respectful, and professional, that's an act. Why? Because they said so.