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Edwards' "Two Americas" exemplified on FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - February 1, 2008 -

Geraldo Rivera was a guest this morning 2/1/08 on FOX and Friends, to discuss a couple of random unimportant criminal cases from around the country. He related a personal story that brought to mind the disparity in treatment of the favored classes in our country and the rest of us.

After reinforcing the talking point addressed in my earlier post, i.e. that the civility witnessed in last night's Obama/Clinton debate was "contrived" and the two hold "no genuine affection" for one another, the four Friends discussed a traffic case. The guy was an idiot - in court for running a stop sign, he showed the judge a phot of "the" intersection with no stop sign. It was a different intersection. The judge decided to go have a look for himself, so the guy went ahead and dug up the stop sign. He's going to jail for a year for lying to the judge. All agreed on the stupidity, and that he deserves to be punished for trying to game the system - he's lucky it's only a year.

Then Geraldo related a tale of a traffic stop in NYC (in his Bentley, he managed to drop in). When the cop left, he went ahead and tried to pull the illegal maneuver anyway and the cop was waiting for him. But, haha, it was dear friend (and co-host Greg Kelly's dad) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Haha, Kelly thought it was him, and he got a stern warning. Haha, Geraldo threw himself on the mercy of the "court" and will never do that again, haha.

Later in the segment, after another dumb crook story, the question was posed if criminals are getting dumber? Rivera replied that there is a certain arrogance. haha, you gotta be kidding me.

Still later, after a double segment with Laura Bush, the Friends visited with Chris Wallace to promote FOX News Sunday. He commented about how nice for them to have the First Lady, then dropped that he'd had lunch with her husband Monday in their private quarters at the White House.

If there's any doubt left that there's a cozy clique of connections between FOX News and the Bush administration, or that there's a double standard for the different classes in America, here's further evidence to disprove it.