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Obama not fact-checked on FOX and Friends, moments after they announce NYPost endorses him

Reported by Chrish - January 31, 2008 -

Bill Adair of the St. Petersburg Times (top of O'Reilly's blacklist) appeared this morning 1/31/08 on FOX and Friends with Steve Doocy. They promoted a feature at the SPT website, Politifact.com, that reportedly determines the truth (or not) of statements made during the presidential campaign.
With video.

Of interest, for the segment three statements and their analysis were chosen. The first two were statements made by Senator John McCain about Mitt Romney. The first was deemed "barely true," and the second, accusing Mitt Romney of flip-flops, was pronounced true. It's kind of a wash for the Republicans; McCain wrong and then vindicated, Romney vindicated then caught.

The third statement analyzed, Clinton accusing Obama of liking Republican ideas, was given a "false." Clinton is left hanging in the segment as a liar and Obama is vindicated.

It is probably no small coincidence that minutes earlier Alisyn Camerota had read that the New York Post, another Murdoch holding, had endorsed Barack Obama for president; not because they agree with his position on issues but because they despise Hillary Clinton. "Untried" is better than Hillary Clinton.