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Hannity Pouts About Being Criticized Over McCain

Reported by Ellen - January 31, 2008 -

Poor Sean Hannity. The bullyboy who loves to savage his political opponents got his widdle feewings hurt over the criticism he’s taking for not supporting John McCain. Or is he more upset that Republican voters have so far rejected his dictates? I report, you decide. With video.

In an interview with Mary Matalin, Hannity sulked over the criticism he has gotten by sarcastically saying he had changed his mind. “You know what? After all the positions I’ve taken over the years, John McCain’s right on immigration – supporting amnesty – and Sean Hannity was wrong.” Hannity continued in that vein as he enumerated his long list of policy disagreements. He concluded by saying, “I’m supposed to change all of my opinions because John McCain is quote, the likely nominee, as appointed by my friend Alan Colmes and his liberal counterparts?”

Funny, I thought it was Republicans who had voted for McCain and Republicans like Rudy Giuliani, Charlie Crist and now Arnold Schwarzenegger who have thrown their influential endorsements McCain’s way.

“But my only point is this,” Hannity continued, after Matalin said she had fallen for Hannity’s schtick when he did it on his radio show. “I don’t have anything personally against Senator McCain. But I’m sorry. On real issues that matter to me – you know it’s funny. For all the years, those of us that have supported the president on the war, on his tax cuts, his judicial nominations, but then had substantive disagreements. We’ve often been accused of being quote, lockstep in the Republican Party. And here we are standing on things we have stood for for years and we’re being criticized for being consistent. I find it stunning that anyone would expect anything other than that.”

Consistent? Like supporting pro-choice Rudy Giuliani? Supporting Romney the flip-flopper?

Matalin tried to soothe his bruised ego. “No, this thing will iron itself out. But if it wasn’t for you and Rush and Laura and the Great One, we wouldn’t have Alito and Roberts on the (Supreme) Court. (Funny, I thought it was the Congress who confirmed them.) We would have had the Dubai Ports. (Fact check: Hannity was no mover and shaker of opposition on that issue.) We would have had porous borders. (Fact check: We still do.) We would have had very weak immigration. (Fact check: Immigration reform was blocked.) We wouldn’t have the support for extending the tax cuts that we’re having. Everything is, you guys have driven them so much and you’ve taught people the principles that underlie these policies.”