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Fox: Who Needs a Stimulus Plan When We Have the Super Bowl?

Reported by Melanie - January 31, 2008 -

Fox says hey, who needs a stimulus plan when we've got a "$9.5 billion stimulus package, Super Bowl style," happening right now? Yes, that's Fox's perverted thinking -- and a great way to promote the Super Bowl, which it will broadcast -- a fact not mentioned in the two segments outlined below.

Roughly half way into today's (January 31, 2008) show, Fox "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, introduced reporter Adam Housley in Glendale, Arizona, the site of Sunday's Super Bowl. Housley said "sales analysts" believe there will be a "massive increase in viewership" this year, with 158 million Americans expected to watch. Next to the game and the commercials, "the number three topic is probably food," and he rattled off how much people will spend on dips and chips and drinks.

According to Housley the Super Bowl is "expected to generate $9.5 billion in sales." 70% of consumers "say they're going to buy something in regards to, because of the Super Bowl. 6% say they're going to buy apparel and they're going to spend $60.00 on average on Super Bowl merchandise."

Besides food, "big screen televisions are expected to sell in the billions of dollars. 3.9 million new television sets are expected to be sold just for this game. That's a 50% increase over last year's game." 1.8 million people, "according to surveys, are expected to buy furniture," like a chair, a couch or a table to put that big screen TV on. So, this is quite a "boom."

Cavuto took over and asked, "Is this even more proof then that stimulus packages in Washington, well, that they're a waste?"

On to guest Jonas Max Ferris, who said, "The consumer currently is doing very well...the government, the Federal Reserve, the fiscal stimulists, are worried about the consumer in 6 and 12 months right now. There's nothing currently really wrong with the economy...spending is still good in many places. TV's? People don't go buy those in a depression."

And second guest, Tracy Byrnes: The stimulus plan is a "gift to Best Buy." This is "not what we need. We need these tax cuts to stick around. We need the corporate tax rate to come down. We could use accelerated depreciation for small businesses. Those are the things that are going to keep this economy going." The Super Bowl is "like a holiday." People "just need a reason to get out there and shop and if the Super Bowl is going to be it, so be it."

Comment: Ah yes, corporate media at its best: Promoting a big money-making venture without full disclosure; pushing "the consumer" (I prefer the term "citizen" myself) to buy, buy, buy (rather than save, save, save), and selling the scam that cutting corporate taxes and keeping tax cuts for the rich will stimulate the economy.