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FOX News Throws Huckabee Out Of The Presidential Race

Reported by Ellen - January 31, 2008 -

Just one day after Sean Hannity tried to push Mike Huckabee out of the presidential race, FOX News declared Huckabee gone, by calling it "a two-man race," even though he has yet to drop out. Needless to say, Ron Paul was gone, too. With video.

In his scripted teaser for the second part of a two-part panel discussion on the election, Hannity read, “It’s a two-man race between Senator McCain and Governor Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.” Of course, I realize that Huckabee is not well placed to win the nomination at this point. But I don't recall FOX News declaring Thompson's candidacy dead before he withdrew. And Giuliani was a guest of honor just a few days before the Florida primary, even though the writing on the wall was easy to read.

While Hannity spoke, a split screen graphic showed Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with their backs to each other. The lower third read, “McCain-Romney: Who is the true conservative?”

Huckabee, apparently, didn’t count.

Also included in the video is more of Hannity obsessing about the criticism he has gotten for not supporting McCain, which I also noted in my last post.