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Fox Guest Says Philidelphia Anchor, Alycia Layne Case About Credibility, What About Bill O'Reilly and Andrea Mackris?

Reported by Donna - January 31, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a story on about Philidelphia anchor, Alycia Lane who is being fired over innacurate reports, innuendob and gossip. Ms. Layne has allegedly struck a police officer and yelled obsenities at her. Shepard also talked about her sending photos or herself in a bikini to a married friend, whose wife later took them to a tabloid. The story says that Layne is suing her employer.

He had two guests on to talk about the case, Monica Lindstrom, prosecutor and defense attorney Julia Morrow.

Smith asked Morrow if she has a case here. Morrow said she thought she did. She said her contract may have a morality clause (Comment: Didn't O'Reilly have one of those) but the clause was open for interpretation.

Lindstrom said that they had every right to fire her. She said, "First of all we all know in the news business that credibility is a huge issue." (Comment: I laughed so hard, credibility and morals from Fox's #1 pervert, Bill O'Reilly?) Lindstrom wanted to know what credibility she had after all these stories. (Comment: Fine, but what kind of credibility does Bill O'Reilly have?) She added that what kind of credibility does the news station and studiio do they have when they kept her in the position? (Comment: I see Mr. Credibility, O'Reilly still has a job, so what does this say about Fox?) Lindstom added she may or may not have committed a crime but the studio had "every right to do what it did.."

Smith suggested they could have put her on leave until this thing was even settled and waited to find out if the cop even pressed charges.

Morrow (the defense attorney) said this is exactly what the station should have done. Morrow said to not let it be forgotten that the studio used her( Layne's) personal life, making her go on Dr. Phil and crying and now there's one false move and unproven allegations at this point and they say she lost her credibility and they fire her. "It's just so unfair."

Smith said there was a hearing coming on April 3rd and she had a $700,000 salary and the civil suit is underway.

At the end the banner read: 'Layne's Atty: Station Fired Her Over Innuendo, Gossip

Comments: Wow, except for the accusation that she hit a cop, this case is similar to Bill O'Reilly's. They mentioned that she had pictures taken of her in a bikini and the married husband's wife found them and gave them to the tabloids.

In O'Reilly's case, from the Smoking Gun, an affidavit was filed saying he had sexually harrassed a young female employee of his with such detail it made one flinch. He allegedly was in the shower using a vibrator, on the phone with the victim, Andrea Mackris, and telling her what he was going to do to her, i.e., get wine into her and soaping her with a loofah (which I think he once mistakenly called a falefal). Detailed pages were filed. He has a wife and two small children.

Does Fox have a morality clause? Well, O'Reilly was lucky because he had allegedly settled the suit out of court for several million dollars.

I say, give Layne her leave with pay and get rid of O'Reilly, who today touts himsel as Mr. Morality. What a joke. This also makes Fox look bad - did O'Reily have a morality clause? Should he have been on leave until this was settled? I'd think twice before I got any moral or credible advice from O'Reily.