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Fox Asks If President Bill Clinton Can Be Controlled?

Reported by Donna - January 31, 2008 -

In order to attack Hillary, Studio B with Shepard Smith went after her husband, former President Clinton. They took a clip from Nightline last night and asked Hillary if she could control Bill. Hillary said if he's insensitive "I can control him."

Andrea Martin, the Republican guest, said that Bill Clinton cannot be controlled, he was involved in raising 31 billion for his private foundation.

Tanya Acker, the Democratic guest, said that President Clinton is still very important for the campaign and he has" toned it down a bit.

Shepard Smith showed the front page of the New York Post that endorsed Barack Obama, "not because they liked him" but because they were "tired of Bill." Acker said that not being able to reign in Bill was just absurd, just silly.

Comments: I was watching Fox yesterday when they said since President Bill Clinton got involved and fighting back, Hillary's numbers went up 2 points This election is not about Bill Clinton. Do they talk about John McCain's 'trophy wife?' No, that would be silly. Or maybe they should. How many wives has McCain had?

But figure it out - if your own wife or husband was being attacked viciously, would you not defend him/her? Of course you would.

Just putting the words up there saying 'Can Bill Clinton Be Controlled' is petty and absurd. Fox, where the news is always attacking Bill Clinton, which in turn attacks Hillary.