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Fox & Friends Show Innocuous Picture Of Hillary, Kennedy & Obama and Say It Might Be Snub

Reported by Donna - January 30, 2008 -

On Fox and Friends today one of their top stories was a photo of Hillary, Ted Kennedy and Obama. In the picture Hillary is reaching out to shake Ted Kennedy' and it looks like Obama has his back turned to Hillary. Being a top story, of course, Fox and Friends say this looks like a diss of Hillary by Obama.

Now it looks like she could have already met with Obama (we don't know) or was simply making it through the crowd but the Fox and Gang crew played it like it was a diss of Hillary from Obama.

What say you? Here's the video.

They talked about it later with Mancow (right wing radio host) who said that Hillary has so many felons on her staff and I had to laugh - with Fox's record for hiring felons or people of ill respute.

Comments: Fox is really reaching on this one, aren't they?