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Dick Morris: Reason Enough To Vote For Obama

Reported by Ellen - January 29, 2008 -

OK, I admit that I’m already an Obama supporter. But even if I weren’t, the prospect of being rid of Dick Morris’ crackpot theories and prognostications about Hillary Clinton might do the trick. I strongly suspect FOX News would have no use for him if she were suddenly a non-issue in the 2008 campaign. Meanwhile, Morris trotted out another dubious theory about the Clinton/Obama competition. This one holds that Obama has played the race card but played it so well that it overcame Clinton’s racial polarization scheme. You may recall that’s the one where Bill was campaigning among African Americans in South Carolina for the sole purpose of losing the state for Hillary in order to create a white backlash against Obama. With video.

Morris offered this mind-bending explanation of Obama's racial coup to Alan Colmes on last night’s (1/28/08) Hannity & Colmes:

“When there’s a presidential campaign, it’s like a conversation. And it began when Obama said, ‘I’m here and I’m new.’ And then the Clintons answered with, ‘Yeah, but you’re inexperienced.’ And then he said, ‘Well, I may be, but I’m a force for change.’ And then the Clintons in effect said, ‘But you’re black.’ And now what Obama is saying is, ‘Yes, I am. I’m making race a part of this campaign which I never did. And the question is, are we a fair and just enough country to vote for me or a nation of bigots in which case Hillary’s gonna win.’ And that is a BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT move because it puts the Clintons totally on the defensive, it uses the race issue in a very positive way, and it shines a spotlight on what they’ve been trying to do.”

Say what?

Morris later added that Bill Clinton “wants to create the thing of Obama as a black candidate but now Obama has called his bluff on that. And I think right now, for the first time, that Obama has a serious chance of defeating Hillary Clinton.”

Uh oh. Judging by the accuracy of some of Morris’ previous predictions, Obama could be in real trouble now.

Morris was far more plausible with his analysis of the Republican race. According to him, it doesn’t matter whether McCain or Romney wins Florida because it’s so close, it might as well be a tie. The notable factors, according to Morris, are that Huckabee and Giuliani have become marginalized as a result and that McCain is the more electable candidate of the two.

Nevertheless, my own prediction is that if Hillary’s out, Morris will be, too.