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Republican Strategist Hopes For More Racial Polarization

Reported by Ellen - January 28, 2008 -

Republican strategist Rich Galen admitted that for him, partisanship trumps patriotism when it comes to racial relations in the United States. On Saturday night’s (1/26/08) special Hannity & Colmes, Galen told Alan Colmes that he (Galen) hoped that Barack Obama’s big win in the South Carolina primary meant that there will be more racial polarization in the country because it would be good for the Republican Party. With video. Updated.

Hannity & Colmes largely ignored the magnitude of Obama’s win and spent much of the evening discussing Republicans: Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s endorsement of John McCain and McCain’s feud with Romney each got a lot of discussion during what was billed as special primary coverage. Although only 18% of the results had come in during the Galen discussion, Obama’s lead was already 53 to 27%. But the race was called almost the moment the polls closed so FOX News almost surely knew that Obama had just won big, much bigger than the polls had predicted. Instead, most of the Democratic primary coverage consisted of more of the Clinton/Obama race war that FOX News is doing its best to fuel. I’m not sure John Edwards’ name was even mentioned, other than in a vote tally.

In a panel discussion with Galen about the outcome of the vote, Colmes asked Galen, “Up until now, this hasn’t been a white, black thing. We haven’t looked at such a dissection of the vote – white vs. black, white going one way, black going another way. Is this now the beginning of that kind of divide happening as we go forward into other states?”

Galen replied, “Well, I hope so, as a Republican. I think that’ll be fine.”

Colmes, incredulous, said, “You want that to happen as a Republican.”

“Oh, sure. Oh, absolutely. But I don’t think that's what’s gonna happen,” Galen answered.

UPDATE: Galen expanded upon his comments in today's CNSNews.com.

I am not be in favor of using race as an issue in politics. But if Hillary and Barack want to use race as an issue (as they did in South Carolina) then that works to the benefit of the GOP because African-Americans are such an important part of the Democratic coalition.

...If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were Republicans and not Democrats we would have had wall-to-wall coverage of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the entire Black Caucus of the US Congress denouncing the use of racial politics in the Presidential selection process.

But, because these are Democrats -- and one of the Democrats has the name "Clinton" -- we have heard nothing from the Racially ultra-sensitive Left.

So while condemning the left for being too racially sensitive, Galen slips in a dig at African Americans, blames all the racial polarization on them and the Democrats and concludes, "This is all good for Republicans, so why shouldn't I be happy?" Quite a patriot.