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McCain Gets Free Advertisement On Fox News - Complains About Romney

Reported by Donna - January 28, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a segment (I don't know if I should even call it that) , it was more like a free advertisement for John McCain right before the Florida Primary.

Carl Cameron spoke with John McCain who complained that Romney had spent millions of dollars against himself and Mke Huckabee. McCain said that while Romney was Governor he had the 3rd worst jobs lost than anybody,was saddled with 14 millioin dollars in debt over his government mandated healthcare, lost manufacturing jobs and rraised taxes by over 730 million. McCain said they're going to fight back. (Comment: It seems maybe? McCain and Huckabee are ganging up)

Cameron said his (Romney's strength was experience as a business man and the ecomony and he is accusing McCain of a cap and trade proposal by McCain and Lieberman that is going to raise taxes by 50 cents a gallon.

This is when McCain talked about the greenhouse affect and we really need to do something about the greenhouse affect and we need to be independant of oil. McCain said we can do it and save money. (Comment: He didn't say how) He added that Romney should know it's a national security issue.

Then Cameron said that McCain said that he wanted a timetable for Iraq and if we listened to him Al Qaeda would be celebrating a great victory today.

Cameron said the voters of Florida said that when it comes to national security, McCain has the edge, when it comes to the economy, Romney has the edge. Cameron said that Romney called McCain a Washington Insider.

McCain said that people need to look at his record, one of the worst ecomomies in America, raise taxes by 730 m,''illion dollars loss of manufacturing jobs and he thinks that when people examine his record, people won't want that kind of economy for America.

McCain said he's been proud of his change and he's proud of his strong ecomomic record. (Comment: Can it get anymore like a commercial than this?)

Comments: This time the one side reporting was putting one Republican candidate against another. At least let Romney defend himself. Seems a new fight is on a week away from Super Tuesday and one day before the Florida Primary (where McCain and Romney are running very closely.. McCain brought up Al Qaeda and bashed Romney's economic record. The puff questions didn't hurt to make this come about. The thing is, the news is about Republicans fighting and not the Democrats. Maybe it's good that the Democrats don't have a primary in Florida this week,

What I didn't hear was any defense from the Romney side. Later on they had a Democratic strategist and Republican strategist on who touched the subject briefly.

I say, let them eat their own, but does this mean an endorsement from Fox for McCain? Only the future will tell. Florida and Super Tuesday are looming large for these two and the dirty politics are coming out.