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Dick Morris: The Clintons Deliberately Lost Black Votes In SC In Order To Create White Backlash

Reported by Ellen - January 28, 2008 -

Once again, “fair and balanced” FOX News chose Dick Morris as the sole guest to smear, I mean analyze Hillary Clinton, this time in a discussion titled, as the lower third indicated, “Obama and Clinton battle over link to questionable businessman.” I’m sure it was unintentional that FOX News posted the question about both candidates while offering no real ties between either candidate and the questionable Tony Rezko. But the discussion was soon off to the races as Morris offered his novel theory that Bill Clinton was deliberately running a losing campaign for black votes in South Carolina in order to racially polarize the country and garner more of the white vote. With video.

Part 1 of the two-part discussion also included Morris alleging that Hillary Clinton had committed perjury, even though she had escaped prosecution (I’ll leave it to others to fact check Morris’ dubious assertions which can be viewed in the first video.).

Then, after Colmes argued that Morris was not respecting the “rule of law” (so often cited in the impeachment days) that found Clinton had not committed perjury, Morris changed the subject.

“The Clintons are setting up Obama by deliberately merchandising the race issue,” Morris said. “And the way they’re doing it is that Bill is going into South Carolina and campaigning hard for the black vote, door to door in the black community. He knows he’s not going to win the black vote. He knows Hillary’s going to lose South Carolina to Obama. That’s why Hillary isn’t campaigning there herself. And the reason that he’s there, is that he wants to draw attention to the fact that the blacks are voting for Obama so that the racial backlash causes the whites to vote for Hillary and she wins Florida and Super Tuesday and making this the black primary, like Washington D.C. She encourages racial polarization.”

White supremacist sympathizer Sean Hannity was all ears. “Hey, Dick, you’re basically saying that as a strategy, they’re playing the race card. There’s no other way to describe it.”

“Prescisely,” Morris said. “And the way they’re doing it is by getting the blacks to block vote publicly and openly for Obama that then triggers a white backlash.”

Hannity didn’t bother to hide his enthusiasm. “Does it get any lower than that?” Mr. Race Card Player asked.

In fact, it took Hannity less than a minute to play his own race card, the one he obsesses over: the “double standard” that prevents whites and Republicans from being as racist as he constantly alleges blacks are. “I just imagine if a Republican had made a similar statement (as Bill Clinton saying that blacks would vote for Obama), that there would be a backlash. He seems to be getting a pass on every one of these statements and the tactics that are being used. Why do they get a pass?”

Morris answered, “His job now is to go out and attract all the negative coverage he can get so there’s no space left over to attack her. Precisely like we’re doing on this show now.”

Morris went on to say he wanted to talk about David Dinkins and Charles Rangel endorsing Hillary Clinton. “That is as rank opportunistic as you can get,” Morris claimed, though despite the promise that it would be discussed in Part 2, it was not.

In Part 2, (excerpted below), Colmes said, “This is the craziest scheme that I’ve ever heard in my life. You say, you wrote in your piece, ‘The Clintons want to lose South Carolina,’ as you’ve just articulated here, so that the blacks will vote Obama and the whites will vote for Clinton and polarize the country and Bill Clinton is campaigning in there for his wife, hoping she loses.”

“You got it exactly right,” Morris said.

Colmes repeated that he thought it was the craziest thing he had ever heard.

“That’s why I’m a pro and you’re not,” Morris insisted. “You find the scheme far-fetched. I’m telling you what he’s doing.”