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Enough Already With The Clintons!

Reported by Ellen - January 26, 2008 -

It was another night of Clinton-smearing on Hannity & Colmes last night (1/25/08). First, Dick Morris perpetuated his “The Clintons are making race an issue in order to create a white backlash against Barack Obama” theory (I’ll probably do a separate post on this later in the weekend). Then it was a panel discussion on the campaign in which every topic became about the Clintons. Finally, Alan Colmes exclaimed, “Enough already with the Clintons! … You can’t even say hello without the word ‘Clinton’ being the response.” Sean Hannity butted in to say, “You can’t stop defending ‘em.” And guest Ken Rudin of NPR yelled out, “I feel like I’m sitting with George Costanza’s parents!” So, for a little light-heartedness at the end of a long week, you can watch the video after the jump.

Guest Kate Obenshain is the former “Macaca” campaign chief of staff, but she was identified only as being with the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute. Obenshain often makes baseless accusations against her political opponents but last night, in her annoying nasally voice she whined, “When Mr. Clinton attacks, he is MEAN.” I guess not all candidates can be as gentlemanly as her former boss, George “I like nooses” Allen.

The other guest, Ken Rudin of “liberal” NPR joined in the Clinton-bashing. “(Democrats such as John Kerry and Pat Leahy are) saying what a lot of people have said about Bill Clinton for the longest time: The Clintons will do everything, anything they can to win and, unfortunately, it’s somebody on their own side who’s feeling the worth of it.”

Hannity did his Bill Clinton impersonation (funny, you never see Colmes doing a Bush impersonation) until finally Colmes called out, “Please stop. Please!”

“All the Republicans can do is talk about Hillary Clinton or the Clintons,” Colmes said.

He played a few clips of the Republican candidates attacking her during the debate the night before.

Then, in an effort to change the subject, Colmes played a clip of Barack Obama giving his top ten campaign promises on The David Letterman Show the night before. Colmes asked Rudin, “It’s pretty smart of these candidates, actually to go on and be seen in this kind of venue, isn’t it?”

But Rudin changed the subject back to the Clintons. “It is. You’d never know that Barack Obama was a nice guy because if you listen to the Clintons, he’s a terrible…”

Colmes interrupted. “Oh, let’s blame the Clintons. Let’s bring up the Clintons once again and blame the Clintons. You can’t even say hello without the word ‘Clinton’ being the response.”

“You can’t stop defending them,” Hannity interrupted. "They're not saints, for crying out loud!"

Colmes said, “Enough already with the Clintons! We’re not even talking about Barack Obama on Letterman!”

Rudin said, “I feel like I’m sitting with George Costanza’s parents.”

“You can’t even say hello… I’m gonna say 'How’s the weather?' You’ll say, ‘The Clintons.'” Colmes said.

And we've probably got nine more months of it.