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Drew Peterson Walks Out On Interview With Shepard Smith & A Fire, That's The National News Today

Reported by Donna - January 25, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they spent the first half hour of the show on the fire in the hotel in Las Vegas. The fire was contained and no one was hurt but Fox thought it was worth 30 minutes of coverage.

Smith then went ahead to a scheduled interview with Drew Peterson, the man who is the prime suspect in the (what the police are calling) murder of his fourth wife, Stacy.

Video here.

Peterson spoke with Smith about a dating game gig he was going to do on a local radio show. He was laughing and Smith asked him what happened. Peterson said the radio show chickened out.

Smith tried to ask him a question about the investigation and Drew said he had only agreed to speak about the dating game on the local radio station. He talked about his younger children thinking mommy had gone on vacation but the older ones knew she was missing,

Peterson continued to laugh and joke around and said it was like he wasn't "going to go into a corner and cry." He said it was like being told he had cancer.

Smith then asked him about the nieghbors saying he carried a 55 gallon blue drum out to his car and this is when Peterson stopped the interview. Peterson said Smith had agreed to only talk about the dating game and Smith said he had made no such agreement. He pulled off his microphone and walked away.

Smith said they were going to talk about the South Carolina Primary tomorrow with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards when he came back. He didn't.

After the break he brought on a defense attorney and prosecutor and even Geraldo Riviera to talk about the Peterson case. And taken out of the Bill O'Reilly archives he brought in a body specalist.

Comments: I think Smith is trying to recreate the OJ case with Peterson and Peterson may be guilty or innocent, we don't know at this time, but don't lie and say you're going to talk about the SC Primary next and don't even mention it. It was a wonderful national news day on Studio B, half of it spent on a fire just about out with no injuries and the other half talking about a prime suspect in a local murder. The primary went away, just like Peterson.