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Clintons' picture with Rezko has FOX Friends in a tizzy

Reported by Chrish - January 25, 2008

Steve Doocy didn't come out and say "this is huuuuge" today 1/25/08, but he was clearly excited at the release of a picture (dating by the hairdo I'm estimating 1992-1993) of the Clintons posing with none other than Tony Rezko between them. Rezko, you'll recall, is under indictment in Chicago and was pointedly brought up by Hillary Clinton in Monday's Democratic debate as a "slumlord" who Barack Obama represented and has had a long-term relationship with.

Doocy first excitedly teased that "A very embarrassing moment is about to take place on the Democrats' side." and reminded viewers of the exchange Monday night. Brian Kilmeade responded "So wait, Tony Rezko's the problem with Barack Obama and that's Tony Rezko in the middle with Hillary Clinton???" Doocy answered "Yes, can you believe it? How delicious is that?"

Thirty minutes later, after Gretchen Carlson made a grand exit from the set to go to the Miss America pageant, Doocy repeated that "Suddenly out of nowhere this morning on the Internet the most embarrassing photograph of the presidential campaign has surfaced. it links Hillary Clinton to that man right there, between her and her husband Bill Clinton...that guy is Tony Resko." He reminded viewers again of Monday night's exchange, papraphrasing that Hillary Clinton said Obama "had been cozy" with this guy and his slum landlord business (actually, she charged that Obama was representing Rezko).

A few minutes later (after Headlines, read by Paige Hopkins to whom they referred as "the only girl in the room" since Carlson left), a wide-eyed Doocy gave the background yet again, and after playing the clip from Monday they played video from this morning's Today Show where Matt Lauer first told his guest, Hillary Clinton, that he had the picture (she couldn't see it) and asked if she recalled anything about it. She replied in the negative and said she's had probably hundreds of thousands of pictures taken, and defended her Rezko remarks as a "counterpunch." She said she wouldn't know Rezko if he walked in the door, she hasn't had a 17-year relationship with him (a dig at Obama).

Doocy allowed, "in fairness to a sitting president," there are hundreds of pictures taken, left and right. Now the issue is, who leaked it? "Clearly this did not come from the White House." But it's been on Rezko's wall; did he leak it? Kilmeade clumsily segued that John Kerry and Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle are worried that the Clintons will do anything to win, even if it hurts the party, so maybe it came from their side. OR, one has to do something to get in those pictures (suggesting campaign donations or other "incentives") and that looks like an important place on Capitol Hill or maybe the White House itself (with a blue background curtain and an American flag to the side it could be any school in the country). Rezko passed a screening process with them! Possibly Barack Obama had no idea about Rezko's "checkered past" and innocently took his money.

Doocy reiterated, what did bring Rezko into the same room with the Clintons? Can you imagine it hitting the fan if it was a fundraiser?!? He asked viewers for emails on who they think leaked the picture - Rezko? Obama? Just some Hillary-hater?. While you're at it, tell us ona scale of 1-10 just how embarrassing this is for Hillary. Good glory.

Paige Hopkins injected some reason - the Clintons are brilliant campaigners and would have carefully vetted the Rezko storyline before bringing it up on a national stage, and quite possibly has no recollection or connection. Kilmeade characterized the picture as a shot to the solar plexus, but Doocy responded that everyone has some embarrassing photos out there. Just a couple of months ago he saw a photo of Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein! Hopkins saw it too!!

in literally the last minute of the show, Doocy reported that most emailers think the picture could have been released by someone associated with the Barack Obama campaign, "a lot" think it's Photo-shopped, and "we should point out, at no point according to the records, did Mr. Rezko ever contribute to the Clinton campaigns."

Thanks for clearing that up, after your insinuations and smears to the contrary.

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