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The Big Story Is John Gibson?

Reported by Chrish - January 24, 2008

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

As most of you probably know, John Gibson is now the target of well deserved criticism regarding his callous, insensitive, and otherwise inappropriate remarks regarding the death of Academy Award nominee Heath Ledger. (Comment: the only awards won by Gibson have been Olbermann’s “Worst Person” and one can certainly understand why!). This morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” hosts Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, and Willie Geist were appalled by “Gibbie’s” latest attempt to be some kind of conservative Lenny Bruce. Scarborough, who is a former Republican congressman, said that making mockery of a tragedy was disgusting and Brzezinski wondered why Gibson still has a job. But this is not surprising given the tone and tenor of many of the remarks that Gibson makes during the course of the Big Story. I was surprised, however, that he was so vulgar; as he actually seemed sympathetic, during his recent Big Story coverage, about Ledger’s death. What is it about radio that seems to bring out the worst in people?

Glimpses of Gibson’s real feelings about real issues and real people are often found in his “My Word” segments and they’re not pretty. Last night’s (January 23rd) My Word was instructive. Gibson is no economist and his lack of business acumen was reflected in his screed which, he thought, was a paean to the American consumer whose purchasing power, according to Gibson, was the cause of yesterday’s market turn around.

But before he got into the micro economics of the matter, he took the opportunity to smear George Soros who said, Gibson claimed, that this crisis is the “end of America.” (Comment was he referring to this Soros quote which isn’t quite as simplistic: "The current crisis is not only the bust that follows the housing boom," Soros said. "It's basically the end of a 60-year period of continuing credit expansion based on the dollar as the reserve currency.") Gibson does like to keep it simple.

He then accused Soros of making his money by “undercutting” worldwide currencies. (Comment: is the first Fox commandment “thou shall smear George Soros?”) And then, conveniently ignoring the vast complexities of the market, he launched into a homily revealing his contempt for women and third world countries.

According to Gibson “if a recession comes to America and American women between the ages of 25 and 55 stop putting sixty bucks worth of gas in the SUV, so they can head to the mall and buy stuff they really don't need — if that stops, then what comes to all those other countries is collapse.” (Comment: here’s the thing, Gibson. Not all women drive SUV’s requiring $60 worth of gas and not all women “buy stuff they don’t need.” Hate to break it to you; but women aren’t just silly things whose only interest is shopping. Does Gibson live in a Happy Days or Leave it to Beaver world; cuz if he does, he’s living in la la land and I don’t mean Los Angeles.)

After this sexist comment, we have Gibson’s view of the world when Gibson explains what happens when the gals stop shopping: “The Euros' comfy lifestyle is threatened and people in Asia face once again a life of thatched huts and bicycles and eating God knows what.” (Comment: Excuse me?! “Thatched huts and bicycles?!” Gibson, obviously, has never been to the super modern metropolises of China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan where they actually live in modern buildings, get around in clean subway systems, and eat a diet arguably more healthy than the American one.)

At the conclusion of the segment, Heather Nauert said that she thought “men were responsible for making some of the purchases,” and with a you know what eating grin on his face, Gibson responded “not many.”

Comment: Is Gibson really as ignorant as he seems; or is he just playing an ignorant role? Is the Fox audience that ignorant that they really think that what he is saying is acceptable? In Gibson’s bizarro right wing world, is offending entire groups of people considered part of the family values system? Is Gibson that contemptuous of women and Asian countries? Is Gibson totally uninformed about the cycles of the market economy? The Big Story seems to be a vehicle for Gibson’s big mouth out of which are uttered some of the most idiotic and insulting comments on Fox – and that’s a tough call considering the abundance of idiotic and insulting commentary on Fox. The Ledger comments, though, went beyond the usual inanity. And the Big Question is “will Gibson apologize?”

Note: Guest blogged by Priscila

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