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Romney Slithers With Forked Tongue Through Interview About Clintons, Spanish in America and President Bush

Reported by Ellen - January 24, 2008 -

Once again, Mitt Romney came on Hannity & Colmes (1/23/08) and prevaricated about his own platform while also speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Alan Colmes asked a series of direct, no-nonsense questions and received a load of hogwash in return. Updated with video.

In Part two of the two-part interview with Romney, Hannity asked, “How do you strategize against somebody like a Hillary Clinton… knowing that (the Clintons are) fierce, knowing that they go on the attack, knowing they send their surrogates out to attack? What would be your strategy?”

Romney said he hoped that “at a time like this, with men and women in harm’s way, with our economy very fragile, with a lot of people without health care, with schools failing a lot of our kids, that we could actually have a debate between the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee that talks about issues and that shows the kind of respect that the American people want.”

But Romney never showed any concern for Hannity not showing that same respect.

Hannity replied, “I’ve studied the Clintons, I’ve covered them now for a lot of years. I don’t think they’re capable of that. I think at the end of the day, I think they just believe in the rough and tumble world of bumper stickers and slogans, smear, besmirchment and attack (he should talk!). Do you think I might be right?”

Yes, Mr. “Let’s keep it on a higher level” did think so. “I think that’s exactly their game plan… I think you can expect them to be vicious and attacking… I think if you stand in a glass house, it’s not a great place to throw stones. They really stand on a very transparent platform. If they’re going to start throwing stones at us, why, you know, they’re gonna get return fire and it’s not gonna be pretty for them.”

When it was Colmes’ turn, he immediately confronted Romney on that hypocrisy. “You talk about, you know, wanting to run a campaign on the issues but did you not just smear the Clintons when you said they were both transparent and vicious? Is that not a smear against your potential candidate?”

Romney replied, “Ask Barack Obama.” He added, “I think it’s a pretty accurate assessment of how some of their campaigns have been run.” Romney continued by saying that he hoped to avoid that.

“Are they vicious?” Colmes asked.

“They certainly have shown that in the past,” Romney said. “There’s no question but that in circumstances where a lot’s at stake, they’ve been willing to, well, frankly, to make sure that no holds are barred.”

Colmes then played a clip of Romney saying that we must insist that the children who come here legally “are taught in English” followed by a clip of a campaign ad in which Romney speaks in Spanish. “It’s pretty good Spanish on your part, I think, for a guy who wants people to only speak English,” Colmes said.

Romney claimed that he had only referred to kids being taught English. “At the same time, we have a number of people who are not kids when they come here. And they get in line for English as a second language courses. And in my state, the line was multiple years long… But the truth is, a lot of people I want to have vote for me, don’t yet speak fluent English. I’d like to change that and give them that opportunity but I’m certainly going to advertise to everybody in this country who I think would consider giving me a vote and that certainly includes Hispanic Americans.”

But, as Think Progress noted, Romney said in an interview last year, "English needs to be the language that is spoken in America. We cannot be a bilingual nation like Canada."

Colmes went on to note that in a prior interview, in response to a question about how he was different from Ronald Reagan, Romney had responded that he wanted to talk about how he was like Reagan, not different. “But how would you differ from President Bush?” Colmes asked.

Funny, Romney didn’t want to talk much about how he was like Bush. “You know, I think I’m going to let other people make that analysis,” the candidate said. “Each person is different. They have their own perspectives. The things that I would do would probably be done in a different way than with the current president and I’m not saying mine is a better way. We’re just very different people in a number of respects.” Romney then named No Child Left Behind and the fact that “he’s kept us safe” as points of agreement with Bush and the Medicare Part D program as something he took exception with. “But one thing I can tell you. This is a man who acts out of a desire to help America. I don’t question that for a minute.”