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FOX News takes Dana Perino to heart

Reported by Chrish - January 24, 2008

As Think Progress has documented, White House spokesperson Dana Perino dismissed the study by the Center for Public Integrity and the Fund for Independence in Journalism which found the Bush administration made 935 false statements about the threat from iraq after 9/11, saying "I hardly think that the study is worth spending time on." FOX News' website apparently took her at her word, and went further, apparently not finding it worthy of the bytes required to even report it.

Other news outlets and aggregators reported on it: CNN, YahooNews, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, The Washington Post, The New York Times, , heck, even MTV carried the story. In fact, there were over 600 articles listed on Google News:


Just not on FOX News' website:


I looked in "US" and found

* FBI Fugitive Whitey Bulger on Newly Released Audio Tapes
* It's No Dud: Museum Rocket Discovered to Be Live
* N.Y. Doctor Charged With Stealing Mother's Life Savings
* Woman Faces Jail Time for Cutting Down Protected Trees
* Barry Bonds Asks Judge to Toss Out Perjury Charges
* Jury Selection Under Way for Murder Trial of Former Cop
* Big Dig Contractors Settle Tunnel Collapse Lawsuit
* Army Proposes Cutting Soldiers' Tours to 12 Months
* Miami Dolphins Player's Car Found Abandoned After Crash
* Parents Sue Hospital After Baby's Body Sent to Cleaners
* Cops: Girlfriend Shoots at NFL Player's House
* Cop Stripped of His Duties After Traffic Stop Sex
* Georgia After-School Program Will Pay Students to Study
* Traveler Finds He Has Wrong Suitcase When Cat Jumps Out
* 'World's Greatest Dad' Mug Seen as Evidence in Murder Trial
* Los Angeles Archdiocese Sells Building for $31 Million to Aid in Sex Abuse Settlement
* Prisoner Kills Cellmate for Stealing Snack Cake
* French National Wins Last-Minute Reprieve on Deportation
* Police Chief's Wife Accused of Sex, Drugs With Boys

I looked in "World" and found

# Plane Crash Kills 7 in Poland After Flight Safety Conference
# New Al Qaeda Tape Calls for Islamic Militant Unity
# Rice's Focus in Davos Is on Pakistan and Afghanistan
# Election Protesters Set Fire to Kenyan Government Building
# Construction Workers Find Mass Grave in Germany
# Explosions Rock Northern Iraq; 14 Killed in Apartment Blast
# Maid's Boss Is Her Long-Lost Father
# Cops Investigate Rash of Teen Suicides in British Town
# Survivor Can't Remember Final Moments of Princess Di Crash
# Musharraf: Pakistan Isn't Hunting Usama
# Argentine Friar's Heart Stolen From Monastery
# Man Shoots Co-Worker During Crocodile Attack Rescue
# Wife of Deposed Thai PM Says Husband Will Return From Exile in May
# Health of Former Indonesian Dictator Deteriorates, Infection Spreads
# Afghan Student Sentenced to Death for Anti-Islam Paper
# World Powers Agree on Draft Resolution to Sanction Iran
# Malaysia State to Enforce Separate Lines for Women, Men

The only reference to the study on the FOX website was a few paragraphs ("Crying Wolf?") on the "Special Report" Grapevine, that dismissed the facts as old news and the report itself because of some of the funding behind the researchers.

So we are to believe that the 600+ outlets that published articles about the study are the liberal media, and FOX, a major "news" network who didn't report the news, is the sole "fair and balanced" source. In other words, NOT reporting the news when it is detrimental to your cause is not bias, reporting news regardless of its political impact IS.

Spin prediction: Bill O'Reilly will go after this study as "Soros-funded" without addressing the contents. On FOX only people who are friends of The Heritage Foundation, The Carthage Foundation, The Bradley Foundation, are to be believed. But they're "fair and balanced"... suuure.

NOTE: Comments will no longer be accepted on my threads. I've asked repeatedly for you to ignore the trolls and stay on topic and it seems beyond the ability of a handful who have effectively ruined it for everyone else.

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