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Bill O'Reilly Suggests Joe Kennedy is Pawn of Hugo Chavez

Reported by Deborah - January 23, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly wanted to make Joseph Kennedy, founder of Citizens Energy Corporation, look un-American for trying to help needy Americans stay warm this winter using Citgo Oil donated by Hugo Chavez but he didn't pull it off during a segment tonight with Terry Keenan, FOX's Cashin In and Terry Keenan, CNBC. 1/23/08

O'Reilly went after Kenndy for the ad running all over the country. BOR anxious to prove that Citgo wasn't the only oil company to come forward to help needy Americans told Claman that it was similar the homeless vet situation However, Claman clearly disagreed, telling Bill that in 2006 all the oil companies with the exception of Citgo refused to donate or discount heating oil for needy families.

Although BOR was slightly knocked off balance by the news, he quickly regained his obligatory outrage knocking the oil companies and telling Claman that Chavez was just doing it to make himself look good.

Terry Keenan chimed in saying it was " Such a crock!" She claimed that Venezuelans were starving and Chavez was just giving back the oil revenues he had taken from us adding that the Bush Administration had increased federal assistance.

O'Reilly wrapped it up with a neat summary for viewers saying that Chavez is a "thief and a bandit" giving the oil he had stolen from us back to Joe Kennedy " who is a willing pawn". Then he quickly changed the subject and used the rest of the segment to talk about the stock market.

comment: Bill O'Reilly knew he had nowhere to go with his attempted hissy fit. The fact remains that people are freezing this winter because they can't afford oil and American oil companies and the Bush this administration couldn't care less. It doesn't matter why Chavez donated this oil but it's a national disgrace that people will freeze this winter without it.