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Those Darned Hollywood Liberals Are At It Again!

Reported by Chrish - January 22, 2008 -

Note: guest blogged by Priscilla

After almost a whole hour of the murdered Marine, Drew Peterson, a suspect in the Madeleine case, and a missing white teenage girl, I was beginning to despair that there would be nothing to write about in last night’s (January 21st) Big Story. But sure as FOX isn’t “fair and balanced,” along came a segment to show just that.

One of FOX’s recurring messages is that Hollywood is full of liberals who push their evil, liberal agenda onto the God-fearing conservatives of the nation. This meme was reinforced last night by co-hosts Allison Camerota and Greg Jarrett. (Comment: while not as outrageously and blatantly right wing as Gibson, they do work in the perfunctory FOX messages.)

The upcoming segment was “teased” with mention of Oliver Stone’s new movie about George Bush and the question of “will it be fair and balanced.” (Comment: LOL, just like FOX?) Jarrett introduced the piece by saying “he’s liberal…and now he’s making a movie about Bush. Wait until you hear who is playing him.” The chyron (with Cavuto mark) read “Hollywood hatchet job?” Jarrett said that Oliver Stone is “shopping a script for a movie about “W.” (Comment: “W” – how cute and affectionate.) Jarrett noted that Stone promises that this will be a true portrait of the president, but added that Stone is “the same guy who directed an anti-war ad for the leftist organization MoveOn.org and the same guy who called Hugo Chavez a great man after Chavez called Bush, the devil.” (Comment: Free speech, Jarrett, deal with it.)

Camerota then told the audience that the person being cast for the role of Bush is actor Josh Brolin, who is none other than the step-son of Barbra Streisand, “one of the most outspoken liberals who has even called for the impeachment of the president.” (Comment: along with 39 to 45% of Americans and a number of members of Congress). She introduced the guest pundit, Brian Darling of the conservative Heritage Foundation. Not noted was that Mr. Darling was forced to resign as legal counsel to former Republican Senator Mel Martinez after having admitted that he was the author of the Schiavo Memo – a talking points memo detailing how the Republicans could use the Schiavo matter for political gain. Also, as a member of Bush’s recount team during the 2000 election, Darling’s objectivity could be questioned.

Darling, not surprisingly, went through the standard right-wing Republican talking points. “Stone is a Bush hater and doesn’t like conservatives.” (Comment: Bush’s popularity isn’t anything to brag about.). “Stone made one of the most liberal movies in the history of America” which “demeaned people investing in Wall Street.” (Comment: the 1987 movie “Wall Street” in which the characters epitomized the “greed is good” conservative meme of the time?). “Stone made one of the most anti-war movies about Vietnam.” (Comment: In reading Darling’s biography, I don’t find any military service despite his birth in 1965 which would have made him eligible to serve in Gulf One. Stone, on the other hand, served in Vietnam and received a Purple Heart in combat experiences similar to those in “Platoon.”) Darling continued his litany of Stone’s many sins of Bush criticism and said “he shouldn’t be trusted to make this movie.” (Comment: whom would you prefer, Brian, the right wing ideologue and Christian Reconstructionist, David Cunningham, the director of The Path to 9-11?) Meanwhile chyrons ran that reminded the audience of Stone’s “leftist” tendencies: “anti-war ad for MoveOn,” “called Chavez a great man.”

Jarrett wanted to know if the release of the movie, before the election, is an attempt to create “blow back” against Republicans. Darling used that to engage in more talking points about the liberal elites being “out of touch with the average American” (Comment: the results of the 2006 election showed that somebody was out of touch and it wasn’t the Democrats), financial elites like George Soros, and the educational elites at American’s colleges. Camerota wanted to know if Josh Brolin shares his step-mother’s political views and Darling responded that Streisand and Brolin were left leaning and supported Kerry. (Comment: So we need political litmus tests for movie stars? Does Darling have a problem with Chuck Norris?) And while Darling gets in the perfunctory jab at Soros, he doesn’t mention that Heritage is funded by the Scaife Foundations and a number of other right wing groups.

Comment: The irony here is truly amazing. While FOX is claiming that the Oliver Stone movie might not be “fair and balanced,” they engage in a totally unfair and unbalanced discussion with someone who represents a group that certainly is out of touch with the “average American.” FOX does hate those Hollywood liberals, but isn’t “Twentieth Century Fox” owned by Rupert Murdoch? Go figure!

Note: guest blogged by Priscilla