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Smith Browbeats Democratic Strategist over Democrats Debate

Reported by Donna - January 22, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had several teasers about the Obama and Hillary fight. Joining Smith was Republican Strategist, Jessica Colon and Democratic Strategist, Kelly Bingel.

They finally got down to the segment and Smith said that, "Accusations were flying between Barack Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton." Smith said both sides said they were lying.

The banner on the bottom read:

Obama & Clinton Spar Over Records, Campaign Tactics

Smith said to listen to the two as "they got at it." Hillary basically said that it was difficult to debate with Barack Obama because he rarely takes credit for any vote. She also commented on Obama saying Reagan was a transformative political leader, and that she did not mention his name. Barack said, "Your husband did." And Hillary said, "Well, I'm here and he's not."

Apparently Barack said something I couldn't hear but Smith said, "Did you hear that, something about I don't know who I'm running against sometimes."

Smith said they went at it like cats and dogs the first half and they were loving each other in the second half.

Smith asked Bingel (the Democratic Strategist) what went on last night. He said the first half they went at each other like cats and dogs and the second half they were caressing each other like kittens. Bingel said that it was a very spirited debate over issues and that it was a "healthy discussion." She felt it was a very substantive debate about the "issues.". Smith said, So you didn't get it that they were at each other in the first half like cats and dogs and the second half like kittens? Smith added that he didn't "know how she missed that."

The banner at the bottom of the screen read, 'Democratic Candidates Turn To Personal Attacks In Debate'

Another banner read, 'Clinton: Obama Came Looking For A Fight In Dem Debate

While yet another banner read, 'Obama: Clintons Have Been Attacking With Inaccurate Info'

Smith asked Colon (the Republican Strategist) that she didn't miss it, "did she?" Colon said, "Absolutely not" and went on to say they were ready to pounce on each other and John Edwards just stood off to the side watching the whole thing happen. Colon continued that she found it so offensive, that it was the Reagan era that brought down the cold war (Comment: Another Republican talking point) Then Colon said, "That's a prime example that Democrats aren't ready to rule this country."

Bingel laughed and said that anybody who wants to draw parrelels looking at the stock exchange and economy is on "pretty firm ground today." She added that "the economy was in a shambles and we've had a Republican in the White House for the last 7 years.

Smith said he wanted to know what the affect of this was on John Edwards, did it help him. Bingel said no, she thinks John Edwards is done. Smith pushed and pushed Bingel "Do you want him to quit?" Over and over and she said she didn't care one way or another. Then Smith said if you support Hillary then you want him to quit. (Comment: Not once was it mentioned that the Democratic Strategist supported Hillary, she could, then why not call her a Hillary supporter instead of a Democratic strategist?) Then Smith said if you're for Obama, you think another way.

Colon said obviously she didn't want any of these candidates to be president of the United States. Colon started to say something about the Republican candidates and Smith interrupted and asked,"what happened to Bill Clinton yesterday?" Smith said, "the man needs a nap." Then they showed footage from I don't know where and showed a sleepy Clinton sitting behind a person speaking. Smith said, "Maybe it's time to get off the stage, I mean it's Martin Luther King Day."

Colon said it was a "tough precedent" seeing a former president getting down and dirty in a campaign. (Comment: It's his wife!)

Smith ended it by saying he hoped President Clinton gets a nap, it was nap time.

Comments: Fox loves to see the two top Democratic candidates have a spirited debate, they just love it. Of course we had to hear the Republican strategist bloviate about Reagan, when Hillary didn't mention his name and Obama paid him a compliment.

And it's dirty tricks to take photos of the former president and saying he needs a nap. Do we see the video of the first President Bush vomiting on a Japanese politician?

Fox is trying to make a huge split in the Democratic party. Too bad Democrats don't watch them.