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Obama's pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright, vilified on O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Chrish - January 22, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly is echoing Sean Hannity's racist smears and insinuating that because Obama's pastor has a relationship with Louis Farrakhan, then it's reasonable to expect Obama to distance himself from Dr. Wright as he pursues the Democratic nomination and presidency. This is not the first MLK Day observed on FOX by attacking African-Americans.
With video.

The segment included two guests, Hermene Hartman, who publishes a weekly African-American newspaper in Chicago, and Jehmu Greene, a Democratic Strategist. O'Reilly set up the segment by saying that Wright is controversial and if Obama gets the nomination, "the press" is going to be scrutinizing this angle more deeply.

Essentially Greene was of the position that Obama is in the big-time now and has to accept scrutiny of all his relationships, colleagues, habits, advisors and those of his family and friends. The Clintons have already been through it and he's playing catch up, basically.

Ms. Hartman differed, saying that if we're going to scrutinize Obama's church and pastor the same should be done for the other candidates. She denied published reports that Trinity United Church of Christ is racist or a cult, and listed some of their outreach programs.

When Bill O'Reilly argued that you could say the same about Farrakhan, he's done some good yet has still made anti-Semetic remarks, Hartman replied that he is not Dr. Wright. "No, but there is an association there. And, the association, you can draw your own conclusions."

O'Reilly referred to a couple of reports from the Washington Post and the New York Times, making a point to tell the women that he was "going to source a lot of this stuff, because I don't believe the mainstream media at all." (Yet he uses them as a source? Anyone else see a disconnect here?) He read "Dr. Wright said the attacks on 9/11 were the consequence of violent American policies," and asked if that was going to hurt Barack Obama?

Greene, apparently not atuned to O'Reilly's "don't trust anyone but FOX News" brainwashing, agreed that the media has their hooks out and the honeymoon is over, and Obama has to get used to playing on this stage. He accused her of dodging the question, and added that on the same day Wright reportedly said that "Zionism has an element of white racism," and alluded to his daughter awarding something or other to Louis Farrakhan - is this going to hurt Senator Obama?

Greene allowed that it might; staffers can't be happy about the repeated references. Whenever black candidates run, Farrakhan is the litmus test, said Hartman. But what's the emphasis, the twist, the turn? (I think the word she was looking for is, ironically, "spin.") You could also look at the wonderful sermon he delivered which was the basis for Obama's "The Audacity of Hope." O'Reilly dismissed that, saying you can't point to that (Yes you can, interjected Hartman) because, not that he's calling Wright a despot, but every despot has done some good to point to. Hartman replied that Wright's not a despot, that's out of order, and O'Reilly responded that he's not calling him a despot, he made that clear. It's just that Wright has said some very, very troubling things and if Obama is going to continue to associate with Wright, and he says he will,...(shrugs, palms up. Analyze that, Reiman.)

The conversation had come full circle, and Hartman repeated that if we're going to do Obama's church, do everybody's, and Greene reiterated that Clinton's already been done. As Hartman asked her to name Hillary Clinton's church, or denomination, O'Reilly overtalked and ended the segment - had to get to body language!

Next up: Pat Robertson's comments on what precipitated 9/11 and analysis: Will it hurt Rudy Giuliani? Hahahaha, that'll be the day.