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Fox Guest: John Edwards and the (Liberal) Mainstream Media Colluded to "Anoint" (Liberal) John McCain as the Republican Nominee. What?!

Reported by Melanie - January 22, 2008 -

John McCain's candidacy isn't sitting well with the economic fascists who are sweating bullets over the November election. They want big(ger) tax cuts for the rich and corporations and apparently McCain isn't ruthless enough for them on that score. They're freaked that McCain is picking up momentum (and Rudy Giuliani, their fave, isn't) so, with Neil Cavuto's help, they're trying to bring McCain down.

Today's (January 22, 2008) bash-McCain segment on Your World featured 23-year-old Ben Shapiro as Cavuto's guest. Cavuto opened with a clip of John Edwards speaking last night during CNN's Democratic debate in South Carolina:

It's increasingly likely, I think, that John McCain is going to be the Republican candidate.

And then Cavuto:

Well, my next guest wants you to ask yourself why John Edwards all but anointed John McCain as the Republican nominee last night. Then he wants you to ask why the mainstream media, which usually can't wait to rip apart a Republican presidential candidate, is not ripping McCain apart. Why does he want you to ask yourself these things? [Turning to Shapiro] So, you think something sinister is afoot?

Shapiro, a fledging neocon, responded,

Ah, well, yeah. I think it's rather suspicious when John Edwards, the left-most candidate of the Democratic party and the mainstream media team up to anoint any Republican. You see the same thing with Mike Huckabee to a certain extent. They like economic populists...and they're willing to allow these people to win.

Comment: Allow? Well, at least he's being honest.

Shapiro continued. If McCain is,

[F]aced up against Hillary Clinton or especially Barack Obama, he has a lot of down sides in terms of image. He looks very old. He's not McCain from 2000, and I think the more people see of him, they're not going to like, particularly, what they see.


I think the only one who can stop him is Rudy.

Shapiro said he'd vote for McCain if was the nominee against Clinton but, "He and Hillary are on the same page when it comes to taxes, although she would actually raise them a lot more than he would." He's "great on national security," but he "doesn't offer enough of a contrast to really get the mainstream Republican base out to vote for him in mass quantities so...he's going to have a real hard time getting Republicans to the polls."

Comment: Once again, Fox airs a segment based on its own propaganda and on its viewers knowing nothing more than what it feeds them. You can't take this seriously unless you believe, (l) That the mainstream media is so liberal it stands at the ready to "rip apart" Republicans; (2) That John Edwards is the "left-most" Democratic candidate; (3) That the "liberal" MSM is so anti-Republican that it would actually "team up" with John Edwards, a candidate it has, in reality, shunned; (4) That McCain is so liberal that only the likes of Edwards and the MSM would "anoint" (as in endorse) him, whereas Willard "Mitt" Romney did essentially the same thing. And (5), that Giuliani is so popular he's the "only one" who can stop McCain.

Guiliani was on Your World touting his tax cuts today and he was to appear, as was Romney, on Cavuto's Fox Business Network show later this afternoon.