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FOX's Steve Doocy repeatedly calls Bill Clinton "liar" while crediting Barack Obama

Reported by Chrish - January 21, 2008 -

Barack Obama appeared on ABC this morning 1/21/08 and criticized recent comments from rival Hillary Clinton's husband, saying he would confront when someone is making statements that are not factually accurate. The Friends at FOX reported this with overblown rhetoric, as if Clinton and Obama had gone after each other in a Jerry Springer-like manner, painting it as nasty infighting within the Democrat (sic) Party.

As you'll see in the string of clips below, the Clintons were referred to disrespectfully as "Team Billary" and the former President as "Bad Bubba." The comments were characterized as the "fight among Democrats getting nastier every day," with phrases "on the attack," "antics," "tirade," "the real problem," "losing his cool with the media," "so angry," "letting loose," tossed in to let viewers know to associate negatives with Democrats in general and the Clintons in particular.

Steve Doocy did the surrogate's dirty work, condensing Barack Obama's measured remarks down to "make no doubt about it...clearly saying Bill Clinton has been lying," and repeated the "liar" label, attributing it "essentially" to Obama, numerous times. He add his own spin for good measure: "the not-so-subtle message is, 'you know the Clintons; you can't trust them."

This is FOX News' job, creating scandal and angst for Democrats and the Democratic Party, while not covering the substance behind the soap opera of their making. Attack journalism at its best.