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Sean Hannity Can’t Explain Why He Condemns Swift Boating Of John McCain After Endorsing The Same Tactic Against John Kerry

Reported by Ellen - January 18, 2008 -

We News Hounds remember very clearly how enthusiastically Sean Hannity embraced and endorsed the smears made against Democrat John Kerry’s war record by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 election. But now that similar tactics are being used against John McCain, Hannity is demanding that the campaigns stick to the issues. When confronted with his hypocrisy, Hannity had no answer. With video.

Hannity began the second part of a two-part discussion by describing a recent attack against McCain by Ross Perot. “I have my disagreements politically with Senator McCain,” Hannity said to his conservative guest, Melanie Morgan. “But I gotta tell you something. That – I don’t know where that has coming from or why that was said, or what the point of it is.”

Hannity melodramatically counted off on his fingers. “Senator McCain is a war hero, he spent six years of his life suffering while many people in this country were living free lives because of his sacrifice, he had an opportunity to leave and didn’t. It’s one of the most compelling stories of bravery I’ve ever heard in my life. Why do you think Ross Perot would do that?”

Morgan, of course, also denounced the tactic. But she almost immediately turned the conversation so that she could smear and hate-monger against Democrats, instead. “I don’t have any idea why (Perot) would do that. I’m sure he has his reasons. But I have to tell you that I have my quarrels and many conservatives do with Senator McCain and NOBODY is going to accuse him of being a coward or any of these other scurrilous accusations that are going around. What I would like to hear some of these veterans organizations talk about is the fact that we have a successful surge that’s going on in Iraq right now and I don’t hear ANY of the Democratic candidates at all addressing the success that’s taken place under General David Petraeus and what I find very dismaying is that if any of these Democratic candidates are elected, they are going to be the Commander-in-Chief. Are they dishonoring their troops by doing that?”

Hannity said, “Listen, if you’re going to disagree with Senator McCain, make it on substantive issues. Disagree with amnesty, disagree with McCain Feingold. He didn’t support the Bush tax cuts. Make your case on issues.” Of course, High-road Hannity didn’t seem to mind a bit that Morgan had just opted away from sticking to the issues in favor of smearing Democrats.

The Democratic guest, Steve Murphy said, “Why didn’t you say that about John Kerry, Sean?”

Hannity didn’t answer, even though Murphy asked the question at least twice.