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Out Of Touch Sean Hannity Says Economy Is "Phenomenal"

Reported by Ellen - January 18, 2008 -

What country is Sean Hannity living in? Last night (1/17/08) on Hannity & Colmes, he and Alan Colmes had a brief dust up over the economy. Millionaire Hannity, apparently oblivious to the struggles that most people are having right now, not only insisted the economy is "phenomenal," he sneered to Colmes, "Where have you been living?"

As Think Progress noted, Hannity's remark came about after Colmes suggested that we should have tax cuts for the middle class, not for the wealthy.

"How about everybody?" Hannity interrupted. Apparently, his own multi-millionaire salary is not enough for him.

"That doesn’t seem to be helping the economy very much…because things aren’t going so well," Colmes said.

"It is, Alan. The economy is phenomenal. Where have you been living?" Hannity snapped, in his bullyboy tone.

Apparently, a prime time host at "real journalism, fair and balanced" FOX News was unaware of the drumbeat of bad economic news over the last few days.

Think Progress has the video.

You can write Hannity and ask him which country where HE'S been living in via hannity@foxnews.com. You can write FOX News at comments@foxnews.com and ask them to have hosts more in touch with real Americans. You can also thank Colmes for adding a voice of reality at colmes@foxnews.com.