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Fox & Friends Say Presidential Campaigners Playing Dirty Tricks - Of Course Unfair and Unbalanced

Reported by Donna - January 18, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they spoke about the dirty tricks being played by the presidential candidates .They had the Beltway Boys, Mort Kondrake and Fred Barnes on to speak about it.

Doocy said they heard things about McCains patriotism and about Momonism (Comment; He didn't say Mitt Romney's name). Doocy asked if this was par for the course to Barnes. Barnes said he thinks so and it's not central to the race, that is about policies. (Comment: Where has he been? Dirty tricks are all around us) He said it was a cleaner campaign than when John McCain and George W. Bush ran against each other because they now have many more candidates.

Kondrake briefly went over one that Huckabee campaigners made 1 million phone calls to South Carolina voters saying that John McCain approves of medical experiments on fetuses. This was their way of saying that McCain supports stem cell research but in the most awful ways. Kondrake quickly added that Huckabee denied that. (Comment; Of course he's going to deny that, he is the pastor.)

Kondrake went immediately to the talk of the whole issue of race which was brought up by the Clinton campaign and the repeated reference of cocaine. . Doocy was in the background goiing, "aha, sure." Kondrake said the repeated messages of cocaine were used a lot and were designed to 'polarize the race racially." Doocy added another, "Sure." Kondrake said that after all 15% of the population's race was African American.

Kondrake said, In South Carolina "Let me point out that 2/3 of the black vote was going to Obama and 2/3 of the white vote was going to Hillary." He said we'll see if this persists. I want to know why this is relevant?

Kondrake asked why 2/3 of the white vote was going to Hillary. Barnes said,"because she's been around longer., they're more the establishment." (Comment: They're more the establishment?" (I didn't kmpw that Bill was running, too)

Comments: What a biased conversation. Kondrake and Barnes were and it came out a bit 2 to nothing. Well, let's make that 3 to nothing with all of Doocy's "sures."

And why did Kondrake say that it was their campaign? She's the presidential candidate, not the little woman.

Notice how they glossed over the 1 million telephone calls saying McCain was for doing medical experiements on fetuses? If it was the Democrats they'd be smearing them with Dr. Joseph Mengele experiements, no, they just brush over it. Ths would have been a big blow up if the Democrats had done that fiilthy of a trick. Notice that Kondrake quickly said that Huccabee denied it? He said nothing about Hillary and Obama and Hillary calling a truce on the race issue and quickly backed that up at the last debate.

And like I said Kondrake and the Fox Crew company did nothing to maie it fair and balanced.